‘Looking Like Brothers’: Marlon Wayans Photo with His Son Shawn Goes Left After Fans Focus on the Actor’s Ageless Appearance

Marlon Wayans‘ latest post with his son Shawn Howell Wayans, 19, caused quite a commotion in his comments section on Nov. 28 after fans noticed the comedian’s youthful appearance.

In the Instagram upload, both father and son are seen doing a similar pose and glaring at the camera as they enjoy their time out at what appears to be a restaurant.

Marlon Wayans’ photo with his son Shawn Wayans gets derailed after fans point out the actor’s ageless appearance. Photo:@marlonwayans/Instagram

The 49-year-old expressed how much fun he had spending some quality time with his son, With the selfie, Marlon wrote, “Me and the sequel… love this kid. Anytime I get to spend with my kids is a good time.” As fans viewed the snapshot, many bypassed the touching caption and solely focused on Marlon’s looks. 

Several of them mentioned that the “White Chicks” star has aged very well and that he and his son look more like brothers than father and son. At the same time, an individual pointed out how Shawn looks older than his father. 

“Looking like brothers.”

“Y’all look like brothers instead of father/son looking good old man lol.”

“He looks older than you lmao.”

“Two young bachelors!”

In addition to Marlon’s ageless remarks, a handful of social media users brought up how the father and son were “twins.” One wrote, “You really said copy and paste.” Another said, “Damn, lil man is your twin for real.”

An Instagram user claimed at first they didn’t see the similarities, but once they viewed it, they no longer could deny Marlon’s and Shawn’s similar features: “At first, I didn’t think his son looked like him at all, but I see it I see him in his son.”

This isn’t the first time that Marlon’s and the entire Wayans’ genes were a topic of conversation. In November, Marlon did a stand-up performance in Las Vegas in which his family, including his two children, sister, nieces and nephews, attended. Following the show, the Wayans bunch went out to eat and captured the moment with a single snapshot that showcased the strong similar features each individual shared.

Along with the image, Marlon captioned the post, “Took the Whole squad to @catch in vegas….WAYANSES for days. Best night probably ever. Love my family.”

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