‘The Wayans Genes Strong’: Marlon Wayans Stuns Fans After Posting a Family Photo, Many Mention the Striking Resemblance Within the Group

Marlon Wayans took to Instagram on Monday, Nov. 15, and posted a family photo following a dinner at Catch restaurant.

Marlon’s family was visiting the actor during his standup performance in Las Vegas.

Marlon Wayans posts a family photo following his comedy show in Las Vegas. Photo:@marlonwayans/Instagram

Marlon shared how great the night was to be surrounded by his loved ones in the social media post. He wrote, “Took the Whole squad to @catch in vegas….WAYANSES for days. Best night probably ever. Love my family.”

The entire snapshot showcased the comedian’s children, his sister, nieces, and nephews. Those that can be identified in the photo were Marlon’s son Shawn Howell Wayans, placed center right, dressed in a black denim jacket, and his daughter Amai Zackary Wayans, who is standing in front of the 49-year-old while sporting a face mask and a hat.

Marlon’s nephew Damien Wayans, who is wearing a denim shirt and a bandana, also appeared in the photo. As Marlon’s followers began to view his post, other family members commented on how they missed the special moment.

Damon and Chaunte Wayans shared how they felt about missing out on the special moment with their family members. Photo:@marlonwayans/Instagram

Damon Wayans Jr. expressed how he wished he’d attended by writing, “Wow! Didn’t know so much Fam was coming out. Wish I could’ve went.” At the same time, Chaunte Wayans appeared disappointed in missing out on the photo op. She said, “Awww man, we missed the pic?”

In addition to Wayans’ family remarks, fans mentioned how massive the Wayans clan is. Marlon reportedly has nine siblings as well as an unknown amount of extended relatives. One individual even brought up how they don’t want to see a full family photo.

“Too many to count.”

“Damn…..even the next generation BIG.”

“And that’s just a few!”

“I don’t even want to see a 100 percent fam pic. None of ya mother f–s believe in condoms. Lol.”

“This is like 1.5% of the family out of 100%…I know yall be having fun.”

Other people commented how strong the Wayans genes are. One wrote, “Royalty! The Wayans genes strong.” Another said, “Strong genes!!”

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