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‘Everyone Has This Uncle’: Marlon Wayans Teaches His Nephew How To Cuss In Video, Fans and the Nephew’s Mother React

Marlon Wayans is beginning to groom his young nephew into becoming a true member of the Wayans family.

The comedian-actor recorded himself on a video call with his nephew, who appears to be under 8 years old, and the two had a bonding moment that consisted of a lot of profanity. The video starts in the middle of their conversation with most of the child’s words being muffled. However, anytime he said a curse word you could hear it loud and clear.

Marlon Wayans teaches his nephew how to curse. (Photo: @marlonwayans/Instagram)

Coaxing him into the typically forbidden act, Wayans asked his young nephew, “Why you be f-cking around? Are you f-cking around?” The kid responded “Yea” with a few other words that were hard to translate, but he added a loud and proud “sh-t” at the end. Marlon responded, “That’s that motherf-cker. You that motherf-cker.” The child said, “Yeah, I’m that motherf-cker.”

Wayans paused from the cussing lesson and took a long good laugh. The kid’s grandpa was lying behind the child listening to his grandson cuss when Wayans tried to convince him once more to curse. “Tell grandpa, ‘What up, my n-gga?’” the “Respect” actor told the child, then proceeded to to tell him to say, “F-ck the Lakers. They b-tches.” The kid repeated after his uncle, and Wayans ended the call by saying, “I love you.”

Wayans joked with his fans in the caption that this is how they ready a Wayans family member to be funny.

“People ask why are we so funny in the WAYANS family… we start them not giving a f-ck EARLY.” He then apologized, saying, “sorry Brandee” who presumably is the child’s mother, then followed up with, “Unclesmakekodssaytgedarndestthings.”

The mother actually responded to the 49-year-old in the comments with a joke as well. “If he gets kicked out of school I’m sending him to you lol 😭,” she wrote. While it’s not clear how they are all related, what is clear is how much of an influence Wayans has on the child.

Reacting to the moment, one fan wrote, “You just volunteered to homeschool your nephew. Lol.” Another joked, “Note to self: Don’t let Marlon babysit.” Someone else said, “Everyone has this uncle.”

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