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‘Put Your Clothes on and Get Out’: Halle Berry Reveals Her ‘Weirdest’ Sexual Turn-On and the Bedroom Request That Was Simply Too Much

Halle Berry is leaving no stone unturned while promoting her new film “Bruised” and its companion soundtrack featuring only female rappers.

While the film has Berry portraying a literally bruised MMA fighter, the former pageant queen has found a way to add steam to the promo trail by sitting down with two of the rappers who contributed songs to the soundtrack.

Halle Berry. (Photo: @halleberry/Instagram)

First, Berry, 55, sat down with rapper Young M.A., where she spilled the tea on what may be her most unusual form of stimulation. The actress has long been a sex symbol in Hollywood based on her beauty and physique, but now she is leaving tongues wagging after revealing her biggest turn-on.

“I don’t know if this is weird, but I like when you’re kissing someone, and they like, kinda suck the tongue,” said a blushing Berry. “It might not be weird, but that turns me on.” 

Young M.A. responded to Berry’s question with a smile while saying, “That’s not weird, that’s not weird. That is absolutely perfect.” While learning that information certainly caught her fans by surprise, Berry upped the ante when she later sat down with rapper Big Latto for a taping of “5 Rounds” on IGTV. The Southern rapper asked Berry what has been the weirdest request she received from a lover while in the bedroom.

Berry questioned if the nastiest request qualified before responding, “Somebody once wanted me to let him spit in my face. I was like ‘You got it twisted this ain’t no porn video.’ This is acting for real.” Latto, turned off by the request, quipped, “What? Y’all out here asking for real? No, no sir, no sir. Get up, put your clothes on and get out.”

The responses from Berry’s fans has been mixed after learning about some of her more intimate moments.

“Halle been wildin lately [laughing emoji]”

“What’s up with the topic of questions…bar set low.”

“They tryna copy Will and Jada.” Hollywood’s Smith family has certainly turned heads over the past dizzying months by revealing more information about their marriage and sexual pasts. So much so that fans online have expressed a desire to know less about the duo who have both admitted to having entanglements

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