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‘I Was In a Real Dark Place’: Fetty Wap Details the Moment He Got the Tragic News About His Daughter’s Death

Rapper Fetty Wap shared intimate details about losing his daughter earlier this year. According to the New Jersey native, that was the “worst thing that could have possibly ever happened to him.”

Sitting with Fat Joe, the “Trap Queen” chart-topper recalled what he was doing during the exact moment he received the call about her untimely death.

Fetty Wap’s daughter Lauren Maxwell,4, was confirmed dead over the weekend after the toddler’s mother wrote a heartfelt post in honor of her “princess mermaid.”Photo:@fineassturquoise @fettywap1738/Instagram

The 30-year-old, whose real name is Willie Maxwell, explained during the Bronx emcee-turned-talk-show-host’s Instagram Live show everything he remembers about the day. He lost his daughter on June 24 at 12:36 p.m.

He was in Miami at one of his favorite Cuban restaurants. After ordering a skirt steak, rice and beans, and lemonade, he received a FaceTime call from his child’s mother, Turquoise Miami. When he answered the phone, she could barely get the words out before dropping her head and he hung up the phone on the woman, anticipating that something bad had happened. 

When Turquoise Miami called him back, she was in tears and beckoned the “My Way” artist to get to her immediately. Eventually, a police officer came into the frame and confirmed his fears with two words: “I’m sorry.”

“I was in a real dark place,” he candidly shared. “It was two weeks after my 30th birthday.”

His daughter, Lauren Maxwell, was 4 years old. The rapper shared the news on his personal Instagram Live a week after her demise on Tuesday, Aug. 3.

While describing how he feels about losing her at such a young age, he says, “Still, until this day, I slip into a dark space, but I catch myself because I know she’s smiling with me.”

“I know she watching down on me. I know she is looking at me. ‘Daddy, it’s all gonna be good. Daddy, it’s gonna be OK,’” he rationalized through his grief.

The rapper will need all of her blessings, as he is currently charged in a federal drug case. As chronicled by the Hollywood Reporter, Maxwell was arrested after the Queens, New York, Rolling Loud festival on Friday, Oct. 29, for his alleged participation in a conspiracy to smuggle crack cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin in the city.

Days later he was released on a $500K bond.

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