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‘This Gave Me Chills’: B.Simone Tearfully Does the Big Chop In Solidarity With Her Sister Suffering From Illness

B.Simone’s love and support of her sister Jordyn knows no bounds. 

The entrepreneur proved just that when she shared a heartfelt video of herself in the midst of a grand empathetic gesture — cutting her hair. B.Simone, who was joined by her sister in the three-minute video, revealed that her decision to do the big chop was a show of solidarity in standing with Jordyn, who is dealing with a health ailment and the adverse reactions of no longer using a topical steroid. 

B. Simone (right) does the big chop as a show of support for her sister Jordyn (left) who is currently dealing with health complications. (Photo: @thebsimone/Instagram)

“My sister is pretty sick. She had been going through something called TSW [topical steroid withdrawal] for about a year and it affects her skin, her body,” said Simone. 

Some of the symptoms of TSW include excessively dry and cracking skin, swelling and redness of the skin — all of which Jordyn is experiencing. Showing the palms of her hands, Simone’s sister explained TSW has resulted in her hands becoming chapped to the point of having to wear a glove in hopes of relieving some of the discomfort and preventing her palms from becoming increasingly raw. 

With India.Arie‘s “I Am Not My Hair” playing in the background, Simone explained that seeing her sister do the big chop moved her to follow suit. “Two days ago she cut her hair off ‘cause it’s more comfortable for her,” she tearfully explained in the video posted on Nov. 22. “So when she sent me the video of her cutting her hair I knew in that moment, in my spirit it told me to do it with her.”

Jordyn’s hair before the big chop was past her shoulders in length. Simone said those signature long tresses meant “everything” to her sister, but the freedom of cutting her hair meant even more on her journey of healing. With Jordyn looking on and repeatedly saying “I love you,” Simone shed tears and her curly tresses with a pair of hair shears. “This means nothing Jordyn; it’s going to grow back,” said the actress. 

Jordyn debuted her new shorter look on Nov. 18. “My hair was everything to me. But I feel so much more comfortable while healing and I’m so glad I did this. I’m so proud of myself,” she wrote.

Fans were overcome with emotion by the two sisters again joining forces and displaying their new looks. “Unconditional love. Bless up your sister. And there’s no telling how many people you just empowered from this. #Purpose,” wrote one person. Another commented, “This gave me chills and tears. Shows off your beautiful and huge heart once again [red heart emoji] a sisters love is eternal.”

Jordyn also expressed love and gratitude for her sister by writing, “You mean the world to me. It’s always been us. Since 1992. And it will always be. Until we’re old and grey. I love you and thank you for being the best sister TSW, this is for you [shedding a tear emoji] [brown heart emoji]” 

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