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‘Nah She Ain’t Cheat’: Stevie J Issues an Apology to Faith Evans After Video Leaks of Him ‘Talking Crazy’ to Her and Accusing Her of Infidelity

It looks like Faith Evans and Stevie J are back on good terms.

The “Love and Hip Hop” star put out an apology on the eve of Thanksgiving and decided to clear the air. He recorded himself apologizing to Evans after a video was released last week of them arguing while he accused her of cheating.

Stevie J.
Faith Evans and Stevie J. (Photo: @therealfaithevans/Instagram)

“Happy holidays everybody,” he started. “I’d like to make this video for my wife. A video was released last week and it showed me talking crazy to my wife, publicly humiliating my wife.” He continued, saying, “I’d like to apologize and say sorry that I would allow someone to come in my home and steal a computer and be able to do that to us.”

He did not further explain the situation regarding the stolen computer nor did he say how that tied into the video of his and Evans’ argument being released. However, he did apologize to more than just the “Love Like This” singer. “You’re an amazing person. I’d like to apologize to your family. They don’t deserve that,” he said.

Referring back to their argument where he called Evans a “b-tch” and told her “f-ck you” multiple times, Stevie J cleared the air and retracted his previous accusations about her being unfaithful to him. He said, “Nah, she ain’t cheat. I was just in the moment, you know how us guys do. I’d like to take the time to apologize to Faith and let you know I love you and I’m here for you always.”

In the caption he wrote, “To MrsJ – I’m sorry‼️Hope you find it in my heart to forgive me I truly love you 🖤❤️.” Since Stevie J has seemingly turned off his comments, neither Evans nor any of his fans have left comments under the post. However, many fans are left scratching their heads after this because just two weeks ago, Stevie filed for divorce from Evans.

But days after, Evans posted a few videos of her and Stevie doing cartwheels on the beach together, then just a few days after that the video of their argument was released. It’s not clear whether the argument took place before or after he filed for divorce, and he also did not specify whether divorce was still on the table.

So far, the two have been married for three years.

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