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‘Oooh He Got A Taste of His Own Medicine’: Video Surfaces of Stevie J and Faith Evans Arguing, He Accuses Her of Cheating on Him

Stevie J and Faith Evans have been confusing fans on whether the two are breaking up or making up after they were seen having fun on the beach days after Stevie filed for divorce.

However, proof has now been spread on social media that there has been trouble in paradise when it comes to their marriage. An old video clip surfaced of Faith and Stevie arguing in what seems to be their bedroom and the “Love and Hip Hop” star is accusing the R&B singer of infidelity.

Stevie J.
Stevie J. and Faith Evans @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram

In the beginning of the video, Faith repeatedly tells Stevie “I hate you” after he refuses to move away from the bedroom door so that she can’t leave. More than once, she asks Stevie to leave her alone and curses in between; he responds by saying he also hates her as she turns away and walks over to their bed. As she’s slowly getting into the bed, Stevie, who is filming the video, begins saying that she cheated on him.

“You f—ing ni–as in my own house,” he says right before calling her, cursing at her some more. He walks over to the bed continuing to curse and she responds by pulling the covers over her head and saying “I heard you.” He asks “so you happy about it” and she muffles out an “mhm.”

Stevie continues asking her questions like “So that’s what you like to do? How can you disrespect me though,” but Faith stays silent. Stevie keeps going, saying, “I ain’t do nothing to you. All I did was love you.” He then pulls the covers back off of her to show her face and asks her repeatedly how she could do that to him, while she tells him to not touch her.

The video ends with Evans telling Stevie J to “get the f–k out.” It’s not clear if this is the reason that Stevie has decided to file for divorce but again they seem to be on decent terms now.

Many fans responding to the video lacked sympathy for Stevie J since he has publicly cheated on one of the mothers of his children on national television. He was with Mimi Faust on “Love and Hip Hop” with whom he has a daughter but then began seeing an artist he was managing named Joseline Hernandez. Those two also have a child and even had rumors of being married but are now no longer together.

“Oooh he got a taste of his own medicine,” “His karma! He did Mimi dirty , get his ass Faith,” “Mimi somewhere eating chipotle right now with Joseline lmfao,” were just some of the comments from people who know of Stevie’s past.

Since they’ve said “I Do” in 2018 Evans and Stevie have had a few marital woes, including a domestic violence arrest made on Evans.

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