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Zonnique Pullins Warns Fans Against Cosmetic Eye Color Surgery

Zonnique Pullins gave an indication that her eyes have been changed back to their original color, and she warned fans about undertaking surgical eye color change. On Saturday, Pullins shared a photo to Instagram that was unlike a couple of previous photos. This time her eye color was very visible and they were both brown, leading some to speculate that they’ve been changed back to their original color. In her caption she wrote, “fun fact: Jailee is my middle name🌹.”

Zonnique Pullins

A fan commented under her picture inquiring about her experience with eye color surgery.  “Is the eye color change worth it?? Thinking of going Kenya and getting it. I have done my research but it will help if u can tell me your experience…”

Pullins responded to the fan with her honest opinion of the surgery. “Well I didn’t go to Kenya so I cant say if its safe there or not, but Ive never liked to recommend people to do it. I can say that my experience wasn’t the best in long term but everyone is moms are fine”

In the Oct. 22 episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle,” Pullins told her maternal grandmother Dianne Cottle-Pope that her eye color change had become dangerous for her health. “My eye started bothering me, doctor told me that ‘you could possibly go blind,'” she said.


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