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‘Forget Ciara’s Prayer, I Need Yours Sis’: Sanaa Lathan’s Fans Fawned Over the Actress’ Hair Growth Following Her 2017 Big Chop—See Before and After Pic

Sanaa Lathans hair post on Nov. 19 left fans in awe after they viewed how much the actress’ hair has grown since her big chop.

The definition of big chop in the natural hair community occurs when individuals cut their relaxed or processed hair to reveal the natural hair texture. Lathan previously shaved her head in 2017 while shooting a Netflix film. The project was ultimately released a year later.

Sanaa Lathan’s latest hair photo has fans gushing over her natural hair growth. @sanaalathan/Instagram

In the Instagram upload, Lathan, who is on the set of her latest project, “On the Come Up,” shared various images of her thick mane. A few of the snapshots also included her hairstylist Dayvid Wilson. In the caption, Lathan shouted out Wilson for his work so far to her tresses. She wrote, “Only real Black cowboys know what to do with this mane.”

As fans viewed Lathan’s post, some mentioned how quickly her hair has grown, while others asked the star for her hair secrets.

“Ok! What is your hair secret?!? You literally shaved your hair off yesterday! Forget Ciara’s prayer, I need your sis!”

“Look at the growth!!! Yesss girl.”

“Your hair grew back so fast.”

Sanaa Lathan’s hair transformation from 2017 to 2021. (Photos: @sanaalathan/Instagram)

“I feel like you just cut all your hair off yesterday!! Love the growth.”

“How in the heck did your hair grow back so fast… Geeeesh.”

In addition to the “growth” remarks, a couple of people pointed out that Lathan’s hair is growing at a normal rate for someone who shaved her head four years ago. One said, “This is almost 4 years of growth. This length is accurate for 4 years. Nothing to be stunned about.” Another wrote, “She cut it 4 years ago. Anybody can achieve a lot of growth in 4 years.”

Back in 2018, Lathan opened up to Glamour Magazine about how going completely bald for Netflix’s “Nappily Ever After” affected her mentally as she told the publication how she stopped using a protective style since the cut.

“That’s the crazy thing, even despite all this, I know I’m still conditioned around beauty standards,” Lathan said. “I’ll still have days when I don’t feel pretty because I don’t have hair. I know it doesn’t make sense. I’ll start daydreaming about getting a weave or think about putting on a wig…I figured after I shaved my head for the show that I’d be wearing them a lot. But it’s been a year, and I haven’t once.”

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