‘You’re Such an Inspiration’: Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Her Big Chop and Fans Rave Over Her Appearance

Tamar Braxton shaved her head nearly two years ago, but she recently shared on Instagram the reason behind her big chop. On Monday, May 25, the reality star of “Braxton Family Valuesposted a photo that showed her modeling her short hairstyle.

Clad in a gray long-sleeve shirt, the R&B singer tilted her head to one side and placed her hand on her head to strike her pose. With a face full of makeup, the mother of one smiled wide for the photo. Braxton opened up about her drastic hair transformation in her caption. She wrote: “Honestly, I was so tired of the world telling me that I was only beautiful with wigs, weaves, and etc….NOW DON’T GET IT TWISTED I LOVE A WEAVE OR WIG but you should love yourself without it also. “

Tamar Braxton explains the reason behind her big chop. (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

The R&B singer also recounted the negative comments she received in the past about her edges, explaining that she felt like fans ripped her to shreds because of her lack of baby hairs. Feeling seemingly confident in her appearance, Braxton mentioned that she grew out her hair and edges.

Over 90,000 people positively reacted to Braxton’s photo that shows her new look. Many social media users complimented the “Love and War” artist about her haircut.

“You’re beautiful without hair😍😍 . Love you so much tay❤️.”

“This is dope!! And you look great with it cut off.”

“Loved this look on you 😍😍.”

“I love your confidence and self love. You’re such an inspiration to women all over the world!!”

“You look beautiful no matter what you do.”

“You have the perfect shaped head for it and we love you either way! 😍❤️❤️❤️.”

“You’re absolutely STUNNING either way 😍❤️.”

“You look so beautiful. You are an inspiration to those who have to wear short hair❣.”

Tamar Braxton wearing an updo hairstyle (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

Braxton, a host of the reality show “To Catch a Beautician,” shared her photo on social media just hours after the show premiered on VH1. In the show, Braxton partners with celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright to help clients confront their beauticians who damaged their hair. Wright will then put the hairstylists through a series of “hair boot camps” so they can correct their previous mistakes. Toward the end of the episode, the hairdressers will get a chance to redeem themselves by redoing their clients’ hair.

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