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‘So Divorce on Pause or…’: Stevie J and Faith Evans Are Seen In Post Having Fun In the Sun Days After He Filed for Divorce

Almost a week after news broke that Stevie J had filed for divorce from Faith Evans, it looks like there is a possibility that their marriage may no longer be in trouble.

On Nov. 14, Evans posted a video of her and the “Love and Hip Hop” star on a beach in Malibu playing in the sand. There were several videos of them both doing cartwheels and one video of the “Love Like This” singer dancing and clapping her hands.

Stevie J and Faith Evans. (Photo: @faithevans/Instagram)

“Get us free, bruh! @hitmansteviej_1,” she wrote under the several videos of them having fun in the sun. Some fans cheered the two on, but others could not help but voice their curiosity. Many wanted to know if this meant that the two were back together or if it just means that they were divorcing amicably. “Sooooo divorce on pause or….,” said one person. Another asked, “What happened to filing for divorce? I like that you all can stay friends atleast.”

Other commenters were convinced that this meant the two were actually working things out. “And that’s how you shut down a rumor 🔥 folks just really need to stay in they own lane,” wrote one person while another said, “And that’s on working it out and hopefully even counseling as a support.”

Evans seemingly had another message for the folks that had a lot of questions about the status of her and Stevie’s relationship. She posted a meme on Monday that reads, “Did you know there are three places you can stay for free? ‘In you lane,’ ‘Out of my business,’ and ‘Over there.’”

They both still have photos up of each other on their Instagram pages, and Evans still has herself described as a “wife” on her profile while Stevie J has “husband” written in his. The two have been married for three years, and during that time they’ve had their share of marital woes. They’ve done things like unfollowed each other on social media and Evans was arrested last year for domestic violence after scratches were found on Stevie’s face.

They don’t have children together but they do have some from previous relationships.

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