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‘He Treats My Girl Right’: Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan, and Their Fans Celebrate Them Being Together for a Full Year

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan are celebrating a year of their love.

The two posted Instagram pictures and videos of each other to commemorate their special moment on Nov. 16. Keeping things on the low as usual, they only posted a few things each on their Instagram Stories but nothing on their pages as of yet.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan. (Photo: @michaelbjordan/Instagram)

Harvey’s Story shows the two having a nice dinner, although it is not clear where they chose to eat. She made sure to reveal just a small part of the menu with the top part reading “Happy Anniversary Michael & Lori.” The menu was also titled the “Chef’s Tasting Menu” and underneath it showed some caviar options. “Roasted Sunchoke, Smoked Eel, Stone Crab” were all listed.

Her next and final Story was a Boomerang of the “Creed” actor sitting across from her with the words “Happy Anniversary My Love” written at the bottom. As for Jordan, he shared several intimate and never-before-seen photos of himself and Harvey being affectionate toward each other.

Lori Harvey Instagram story on their anniversary. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram)

One was of Harvey kissing him on the cheek, in the second one she lay her head on his chest, the third was of them posing together, and the last showed him laying his cheek on hers.

Michael B. Jordan’s Instagram story on their anniversary. (Photo: @michaelbjordan/Instagram)

Many see this one-year anniversary for the two as a big deal, because many of Harvey’s former boyfriends — and rumored ones — did not last that long. She was, however, with Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay for over a year — and the two were even engaged before splitting in 2018. Jordan, on the other hand, has never been with anyone publicly before Harvey.

With their relationship initially being on the hush-hush, popping up out of nowhere, fan speculation on whether or not their relationship was real. In May, he addressed those speculations during an interview with Men’s Health. “I’m never going to make everybody happy. People are always going to have their opinions about me,” he said.

The 34-year-old added, “People that know me know my heart. But people that know me for my work … they know what I allow them to know. The fact that I’ve been so closed off about a lot of parts of my life was a personal choice. As I’ve gotten older and a little more mature and comfortable in my own skin, I’ve become less concerned about it.”

Fans reacted to the news with comments like “I love them together,” “He treats my girl right, love that for her,” and “Lori just tell us what to do, write the book. Bc you know what you doing child.”

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