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‘He Definitely Gone Marry Her’: Karl-Anthony Towns Reveals How Jordyn Woods Changed His Life

Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods are serving up couple goals in their GQ Couples Quiz.

Snippets of the couple have started to circulate since the release of the interview on Thursday, Nov. 4, and fans cannot get enough of them. In one of the snippets, Towns was asked to reveal what Woods’ favorite food was.

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns (Photo:@jordynwoods/Instagram)

Showing a little of his personality, Towns prepped his reply with the words, “Let me tell you something, fans man. Women change you. Women change you.”

“I ain’t never got no palate like I got right now,” he explain while Woods adjusted her hair and laughed. The Minnesota Timberwolves NBA player continued, “I ain’t never thought about eating no raw sushi, raw fish. I ain’t never thought about that. But here comes little ol’ Jordyn Woods in my life, and now all of a sudden, we gotta go to Nobu all the time.”

Towns explained that he and his model-girlfriend had been to Nobu at least four times and each time he would avoid getting the sushi and instead played it safe by ordering the fried chicken or the chicken teriyaki with rice. Eventually Towns decided to step out of his comfort zone and said, “let me try that, uh, yellowtail jalapeno,” which is a type of sushi roll sold at Nobu.

Woods chimed in saying that Towns now gets almost “eight orders of yellowtail jalapenos.” Towns cut in, saying that while Woods has had a great effect on his life, he joked that it’s the sushi roll that “changed [his] life.” Woods quickly caught on and for clarification used her hands to ask if Towns was putting the sushi roll above her.

Not letting him answer, she said with a slight smile “We’re growing, we’re growing.”

Woods and Towns have been on the radar as a couple for over a year and the two actually just celebrated their one-year anniversary in May. Reacting to the video in the comments, fans gushed over the two.

“His mama brought Jordyn in his life for a reason…he definitely gone marry her,” wrote one fan. Someone else said, “They LOVE EACH OTHER,” while another wrote, “yes I love them he’s genuinely happy with her every time he speaks about her it’s always positive and uplifting.”

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