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‘Must be Jam Cause Jelly Don’t Shake Like That ’: Tammy Rivera’s Physique Steals the Show in a Cheetah Jumpsuit

Tammy Rivera‘s figure was the topic of conversation on Sunday, Nov. 7, after she shared an upload showcasing her new look in a cheetah jumpsuit.

Rivera, who donned the attire with thigh-high boots and several jewelry pieces, gave her followers a close view of her curvy physique in more ways than one.

Tammy Rivera’s fans are left stunned after the reality star uploaded a new fashion post showcasing her curvy figure. Photo:@charliesangelll/Instagram

In the Instagram post, captioned “Purr,” the 35-year-old was seen seductively posing as she looked back at the camera. In addition to the image, Rivera teased her followers with a slow-motion walking video. 

Rivera’s goal was to draw even more attention to her physique as she strutted in the form-fitting ensemble. As fans viewed Rivera’s post, many flooded her comments section with compliments about her plump derriere.

“That must be jam cause jelly don’t shake like that @charliesangelll.”

“That thang got a mind of its own chile! Own it, Sis.”

“Thumper Bootay @charliesangelll look at that Premium Pound Cake.”

“Good gracious a– is bodacious.”

“Gah that natural booty thang hanging.”

Among the positive remarks, other people mentioned how Rivera’s post showed what a natural body is “supposed to look like.” One wrote, “That’s what a real a– move like and look like in case people forgot.” Another said, “How a natural rump supposed to bump.”  

In the past, Rivera opened up about how she maintained her voluptuous figure. The “Waka and Tammy” star mentioned to Essence magazine how removing dairy and incorporating some form of exercise helped keep her in shape.”

She said in a 2020 interview, “I try my best not to eat cream cheese, ice cream, or milk, and that’s the most I can cut out right now. Maybe in the future, I can cut out something else, but right now, I’m just starting with the basics.”

Rivera added that diaphragm exercises and jumping rope help tone her stomach area. “Jumping rope has really helped me be able to hold my breath longer… I’ve been doing more diaphragm exercises, which tone your stomach, and I never knew that. It’s contracting!”

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