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‘I Thought Yellow Bone is What He Want Boo?’: Social Media Reacts to DaniLeigh and Rapper DaBaby Breaking Up, Singer Responds

Over the weekend, DaniLeigh revealed that she was officially single. She and North Carolina rapper DaBaby parted ways after months of dating off and on.

The singer-songwriter took to her Instagram stories on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021, where she wrote, “OFFICIALLY SINGLE.” Dani confirmed that she and the “Suge” rapper had been dating in December 2020 after sharing an intimate photo of the two on her social media pages. 

DaniLeigh Photo: @iamdanileigh/Instagram

Earlier this month, the 26-year-old made headlines for other reasons when her track “Yellow Bone” garnered her backlash for allegedly glorifying colorism. Dani later apologized for offending anyone with her lyrics, although critics were not convinced. 

So, it was no surprise when social media had a field day after learning that she and DaBaby had split. Many mocked the singer for releasing “Yellow Bone” only to find herself single weeks later, including one Twitter user who wrote, “Dani Leigh and DaBaby broke up 😂 I thought yellow bone is what he want boo?” 

Another person commented, “Dani Leigh cashed out on a Lambo for Da Baby birthday just for them to break up during Black History Month. Damn Yellow Cartilage lol.”

“Dani Leigh’s next song should be titled “High Yellow Heartbreak,” a third person quipped. A fourth person wrote, “Danileigh got her colorist heart broke on the 7th day of BHM…there is A GOD!”

Twitter wasn’t the only place that fans blasted the singer. DaniLeigh also received responses under her Instagram posts, including a recent video she shared. This time the Miami native hit back.

“So yellow bone is not what he want??? 😭😭😭,” wrote someone, which prompted a response from the singer.

“Is this all y’all gon say??? And for how long ??? Come up with some new fr or jus get off my page 🙏🏽,” she wrote.


However, there were some people who felt bad for the “Movie” singer. A fan on Twitter wrote, “

I genuinely hope that @DaniLeigh is ok. Break ups do suck and the fact that WOMEN are out here making fun of her because she’s single now, does not sit right with me.”

They followed up with another post, saying, “Women are so big on being there for each other but turn around and tear down the next girl WHILE SHES ALREADY DOWN 💯 y’all need to do better Frfr it’s 2021 💯.”

DaBaby hasn’t responded to reports of his breakup. Instead, on Sunday, the rapper uploaded a video of Instagram model India Love doing the Masterpiece Challenge. “Masterpiece” is the title of the rapper’s first release for 2021. “Best re-enactment of this Tik Tok gets flown out for a date w/ Baby on Valentine’s Day,” the rapper wrote.

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