‘She Went Crazy with the Lemon Pepper’: Fans Crack Up When DaBaby’s Daughter Pours a Healthy Amount of Seasoning on Food While Cooking with Her Dad

When DaBaby and his older daughter cooked a meal together, the “Suge” rapper found out that he’ll never have to worry about his baby girl’s food being underseasoned.

The 29-year-old rapper, born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, spent some quality time with his 3-year-old mini-me, Serenity Kirk, while cooking up some shrimp in the kitchen. In the video, the two began by pouring the freshly rinsed shrimp into a pot and wiping up their mess, before Serenity proceeded to add a few dashes of Old Bay and a whole heap of lemon pepper seasoning to the pot.

DaBaby and his daughter Serenity Kirk. (Photo: @dababy/Instagram)

By the time DaBaby realized what was happening, and let out an “Ohhh shiii-” while trying to stop her, the damage was already done.

The “Bop” rapper recently found himself trying to mitigate a different kind of damage when lyrics from his “Beatbox Freestyle” went over many listeners’ heads when he mentioned teen idol Jojo Siwa, which many mistook for a diss. In the line DaBaby raps “You a b***h. Jojo Siwa (b***h),” which immediately struck a chord with her fans.

DaBaby has since clarified in tweets that the line was meant to be a play on words using his birth name, Jonathan or Jojo for short, and “Siwa” as another way to say “see why.” He also addressed the 17-year-old star directly, saying that he’d never disrespect her and that little Serenity is a big fan. “@itsjojosiwa my 3 year old princess is your number 1 fan,” he wrote. “I bought her every product you have out. She think she you. Don’t let em trick you into thinking id ever have a problem with you. My word play just went over their heads. All love on my end shawty, Keep shinning!”

He then continued to joke about the line with followers to drive the point home, tweeting, “I “Siwa” I’m not like the rest of you n****s.”

Fans had a good laugh at seeing DaBaby struggling to save the shrimp from “heavy-handed” Serenity.

“She went crazy with the lemon pepper 😭😭😭”


“lil mama heavy handed w that ms dash 😂😂”

“She wanted to make sure them shrimp was seasoned 😂”

“Lil Da Baby was waiting for the ancestors to say ‘Enough my child’ 😂😂”

DaBaby’s daughter Serenity likes her food well seasoned. @dababy/Instagram

In addition to Serenity, DaBaby has an infant daughter and is the father figure to his ex-girlfriend MeMe’s son, who is also Serenity’s mother.

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