‘That’s What I’m Talking About’: Moneybagg Yo Reveals What He Plans to Do with the Land Ari Fletcher Gave Him

Moneybagg Yo shared his future plans regarding the land his girlfriend Ari Fletcher gifted him for his birthday.

The rapper, who turned 30 in September, was given 28.8 acres of land in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, in honor of his special day.

Moneybagg Yo says he will create a community center with the land he received from his girlfriend Ari Fletcher. (Photo: @moneybaggyo/Instagram)

On Oct. 30, Moneybagg disclosed in a Twitter post that he wanted his gift to bring a positive change to the community by creating a “center for my hood.” He wrote, “First thing I’m putting on my land is a community center for my hood.”

Despite the “Wockeisha” lyricist sharing his thoughts on what he wants to do with his land, no additional details have been released. As Moneybagg’s post went viral, many applauded him for what they deemed to be putting the land to good use.

“He putting them acres to good use.”

“That’s what I’m talking about!!!”


“That’s what’s up bro do some good for the city love.”

“It’s a blessing to bless others.”

This recent praise stemming from Moneybagg’s land idea is an entirely different tone from what he was receiving in September when he was first given the property deed. On Sept. 28, both Moneybagg and Fletcher made headlines after the daytime television show “The Real” discussed the gift.

In the episode, the co-hosts, including Garcelle Beauvais, Loni Love, Jeanie Mai, and Adrienne Bailon, shared their opinions on whether the gift was appropriate for two people who are just dating. The discussion took a turn when Beauvais stated that the pair were acting married.

She said, “That’s a huge gift to someone … that you’re not even married to. I feel like if a man gave me [28.8] acres, I would feel obligated to stay with him if it didn’t work because that is such a good gift.”

Immediately following the conversation, Fletcher and Moneybagg took to Twitter to defend what the hosts considered a lavish present. The model explained that no one would understand what the rapper has done for her “mentally or financially” over their year-long relationship.

At the same time, Moneybagg called out Beauvais by using her character name Francesca “Fancy” Monroe from “The Jamie Foxx Show.” He wrote, “Not Fancy hating on my gift.”

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