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‘That One Thigh Always Giving’: Ciara Wows Fans in a Sexy Dress 

Ciara left fans speechless on Wednesday, Nov. 3, after the singer shared an Instagram post showing off her physique in a taupe-colored turtleneck dress.

In the upload, Ciara was seen rocking the ensemble — which also had a high slit — with eye-catching accessories, including tan heels, a snatched waist and her toned legs.

Ciara left fans speechless after uploading a glam post in a sexy gold ensemble. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

In addition to the photos, the 36-year-old revealed in the caption the reason why she got dolled up. Ciara disclosed she attended The Accessories Council Excellence Awards in New York the night before to present her friend and fashion designer LaQaun Smith with the Ace Hero Designer of the Year Award. According to the site, the Accessories Council Excellence Awards celebrates designers that have contributed “outstanding achievements in accessories design.”

Ciara wrote while congratulating Smith, “It was a great honor to present the Ace Hero Designer of the Year Award to you @Laquan_Smith! [You] deserve it all! Thank you for having me. Love you!”

As fans began to view the mother-of-three’s post, many marveled over her new look, with some bringing up Ciara’s legs.

“That one thigh always giving life.”

“One thing for certain, two things for sure. Ciara’s gonna give you the (leg emoji) baby!!! She’s flawless.”

Ciara Photo:@ciara/Instagram

“Her Legs that definition is EVERYTHING just a Whole Class Act and Gorgeous Queen.”

“You wearing the hell outta that dress!!!!!”

“Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Among the compliments, a couple of people asked the star for tips on achieving her leg definition. One wrote, “Please share some leg tips, CiCi.” Another said, “Legs, all I see are legs! Talk about the workout!”

Ciara has been very vocal about her fitness routine over the years. Although she didn’t touch on her leg routine, the singer did reveal in 2019 during an interview with PEOPLE magazine that she likes to do a combination of exercises to maintain her physique.

She said, “It’s a combination of plyometrics (jump training), cardiovascular work, and also weight lifting all in one kind of thing. It’s a full on circuit that allows me to hit every target area.”

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