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‘Did Her Eyes Change Colors or Am I Tripping?’: Ciara’s Beauty Post Comes to a Screeching Halt After Fans Get Distracted By Her Eyes

Ciara‘s eyes caused quite a commotion on Wednesday, Oct. 20, after she uploaded a glam post on her Instagram page.

The singer caught fans off-guard when she decided to accessorize her look with colored contacts.

Ciara’s latest’s glam photo goes left after fans solely focus on the singer’s eye contacts. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

Ciara, dressed in a Mônot gown with a thigh-high slit, showed the attire in several images and poses. The post included a full shot of the entire look and a couple of closeups that showcased the side and frontal view of the white dress.

The 35-year-old captioned the upload, “All White Kinda Night. Thanks for having me @NinaGarcia @ElleUsa #WomenInHollywood.” As fans viewed Ciara’s post, many of them immediately zoomed in on her eyes. A handful of them expressed how different she looked with the contacts compared to her darker eye color.

(L-R): Photo comparison of Ciara with colored contacts and the singer without Photo:ciara/Instagram

“Who put contacts in my girl eyes?”

“The color contacts got my good sis now too. Damn.”

“Noooooo. Why the contacts?”

“Now Cici, we know damn well that isn’t your eye color.”

“This is a beautiful photo. Did her eyes change colors or am I tripping.”

In addition to the contacts comments, many people raved over Ciara’s look. One wrote, “Mam our necks.” Another said, “You ain’t have to kill ‘Em like that.. but you DID!” An Instagram user claimed that the singer has been dominating the fashion world with her recent looks. That person stated, “At this point, you hand out the assignments!!”

Ciara’s post came a day after she attended the 2021 ELLE magazine “Women in Hollywood” event. The soiree honored many women in the entertainment industry who fit the definition of what the publication deemed resilient following a trying year with the pandemic and protests against police brutality.

This year’s honorees included Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, Lauren Ridloff, Angelina Jolie, Gal Gadot, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, Rita Moreno and Jodie Comer.

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