‘I Love to See It’: Omarion Brings Fan That Posted the Viral Omarion Dance Challenge On Stage and Gifts Her This as Appreciation, Many Left Speechless

Omarion concluded his viral TikTok dance challenge in a big way on Oct. 29 while performing in Chicago.

The singer, who is currently headlining the Millennium Tour, brought out Marlene — the fan that originally shot and posted the infamous video on the social media app — to give her the red jacket he wore in the clip in addition to front-row seats to his concert.

Omarion gifted the fan that created the viral “Omarion Dance Challenge” his infamous red jacket he wore in the original video. @omarion/Instagram

Marlene first uploaded the clip six years ago after attending a 2015 Verizon concert where Omarion performed. She later posted the dance video on TikTok this year, and it instantly became an internet sensation.

In an Instagram post shared on Omarion’s page, the singer highlighted pivotal moments during his Chicago performance, including an interview with Marlene and the pair onstage together. In the clip, Marlene revealed the significant reason why she chose to share the video.

She said, “I saw a lot of people going through a depression, suicide, and there was a lot of hate in the world. I decided to bring it to life. Maybe this can make somebody else happy.” Towards the end of the recording Omarion showed appreciation to the Illinois fan by recreating the dance and personally handing her the red jacket.

He said while mentioning how his dance is now being used in the NFL, “I have to bring a very special person out here right now. Who really made this whole TikTok viral thing happen. She posted on her page, time after time, and you know they are doing it in the NFL. … Thank you for making us all go viral. I appreciate you so much. You mean so much to me. Thank you.”

As fans began viewing Omarion’s post many mentioned how sweet the singer was to give away his jacket.

“That was so sweet and kind of you. I have a feeling she will treasure the jacket and the moment that you shared the stage with her forever.”

Marlene thanks the singer for a legendary moment after being gifted his red jacket from the infamous TikTok dance video. @omarion/Instagram

“I love to see it this is O’mazing.”

“Awww That Was Sweet.”

“Awesome. What a wonderful thing you have done. @omarion.”

Among the “sweet” remarks, Marlene thanked the singer for the “legendary” moment she spent with him. She wrote, “Thank you sooo much, @omarion it was an such an honor to share this epic legendary moment with you !! This was an masterpiece that won’t never be forgotten!! More blessings to you appreciate it, O.”

Since Omarion’s viral dance challenge, several celebrities, including Kirk Franklin, Chance the Rapper, Reginae Carter, and many others, have uploaded their rendition of the dance.

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