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‘Joke Still On You’; Omarion Hits Back with Routine After Fans Clown Viral Dance Moves

Omarion sought to prove that he’s still the reigning king of unbothered energy when he joined in on the social media dance challenge that was created to poke fun at him.

The 36-year-old singer became the unintentional originator of the #OmarionChallenge after performance footage of him from a 2015 Verizon concert went viral, thanks to his hilariously fancy footwork.

Omarion got a good laugh from the viral #OmarionChallenge dance videos. Photo Credit: @omarion/Instagram

Since Omarion gained in popularity, social media has taken to spoofing the “Post To Be” singer’s moves, making the routine look extra ridiculous while playfully mocking the artist.

When the TikTok challenge made its way back to Omarion, he took the jokes like a true champ and attempted to turn the tables on fans by sharing an updated version of his video, joined by a few of his Millennium Tour background dancers, including his brother O’Ryan.

“#Omarionchallenge Thank you to all of the funny people on the Internet for making this a thing.. 🤣🤣😂🤣,” he captioned the video. “It was only right. #Jokesonyou 💜🙏🏾”

Fans weren’t completely sold on how successfully Omarion flipped the script on the challenge, but they loved his continually unbothered spirit.

“😂😂😭😭😭He thought he ate that”

“this man dont care bout NOTHING. the way he really live carefree. love his soul LMAO💗”

“Joke still on you baby but we love u lmao”

“Even with a group of people, the dance still looks dumb as hell”

If Omarion has his way, he and his dance moves will be preparing for a “Verzuz” battle against Chris Brown. The “Ice Box” artist said that it “would be dope” to face off against the Grammy Award-winning singer in the friendly competition, but chances of that happening are slim since Brown has previously made it clear that he’s not interested in participating at all.

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