‘She Didn’t Say ‘I Didn’t Get Any Surgery’ Though’: Lori Harvey Debunks BBL Rumors

Lori Harvey is setting the record straight after fans insinuate that she’s gotten surgery done on her body.

The model responded to a fan asking for clarification on whether her curves were natural or made. The person asked, “But didn’t she get that BBL tho.” It’s not certain which photo the fan was reacting or all that some other fans wrote in response. However, one person who made a response triggered Harvey to finally address the rumors.

Lori Harvey responds to rumors about her having a BBL. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram)

“Not y’all believing a tiktok video. I didn’t get a bbl or an s curve idk where y’all got that info from but it’s incorrect,” Harvey wrote. While she did not say exactly which TikTok video, there is a possibility she may be talking about a TikTok user, Queen Briyonce, who does “Celebrity Surgery Submissions.” In her videos, she picks a celebrity to discuss, and points out whether they may have had surgery done.

If it has not been confirmed whether they have had surgery, like in Harvey’s case, she does her best to examine before-and-after pictures to find any inconsistencies or clues to whether the person has had surgery or not. The user admitted that she initially believed that Harvey did not have any work done on her body.

However, later on in the video, she explained, that she “was not paying enough attention” and said, “allegedly she has a skinny BBL or an S Curve done by Dr. Ghavami.” She did put a note in her video that her content is “all speculation and admiration unless stated otherwise,” to let it be known that it was not fact.


According to Healthline, a BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift “is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves the transfer of fat to help create more fullness in your backside.” As far as the S Curve, that was a procedure done by Dr. Ghavami. Accoring to a PR Newswire article, it is “a method developed by Dr. Ghavami, which makes use of thorough liposuction and fat displacement to create a body shape that is both sensually curvy and tastefully proportional.”

While Harvey put speculations about her getting a BBL or an S Curve to rest, one fan reacted to her response with skepticism. “She didn’t say ‘I didn’t get any surgery’ though,” said one. Others chose to believe the 24-year-old. “This bbl trend got y’all thinking everyone who is thick automatically got a bbl😂,” one person commented. “Now I actually believe her body is natural,” wrote another.

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