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Lori Harvey Clears Up Rumors About Getting Lip Fillers: ‘Y’all Relax’

Lori Harvey is reacting to people who claim she enhanced her lips by getting injections. The 23-year-old model recently shared a video on Instagram where she encouraged people to join Spotify’s new digital program that allows users to get an overall look at the artists they listen to the most.

Lori opted for a simple look in her advertisement, during which she donned a black short-sleeved shirt. Her hair was styled with laid and slayed baby hairs, parted down the center and curled just below her shoulders. Steve Harvey‘s stepdaughter wore a natural makeup look, including gold eyeshadow with brown lip gloss. She topped her radiant appearance off with diamond stud earrings.
Lori Harvey. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram)

Almost instantly, people gravitated toward the clip and expressed the idea that Lori’s lips appeared larger than usual. “I cant concentrate with dem damn lips…what she say😂🔥🔥🙌,” one user wrote. Another person asked, “Are they over lined or did she get some fillers? If she did she did not need them. Her face is beautiful,” followed by someone else who mentioned, “Them lips though!🔥.”

The Tennessee native addressed their concerns in the comments, writing, “I felt like using a filter y’all relax I didn’t get my lips done 🥴😂.” While Lori has never admitted to receiving cosmetic surgery, she did pay a visit to Los Angeles’ Bahar Contours last July, where she underwent a cellulite removal procedure. She shared her experience in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“Getting rid of this stubborn cellulite,” she said in her caption before explaining the benefits of the procedure. “This machine is amazing for sculpting, tightening, and toning the skin, increasing cellular metabolism, lymphatic drainage and circulation, boosting collagen production, and minimizing the appearance of cellulite,” she added.

lori harvey
Lori Harvey. (Photo: @loriharvey/Instagram)

Lori takes her beauty game and fitness regimen very seriously. The socialite follows a rigorous workout routine and says her great playlist keeps her motivated to exercise even when she does not feel like it. “I start off with a five-minute warmup, then I’ll usually do a few circuits of strength training, either lower or upper body, depending on what day it is, and I always finish with ab work,” she said in a 2019 interview with PrettyLittleThing.

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