‘I Was Down Bad’: K. Michelle Reacts to ‘Face Lift’ Accusations Following Backlash from Unrecognizable Photos, Fans Comes to Star’s Defense

K. Michelle responded to fans’ face-lift allegations on Aug. 13 via Twitter, months after she was initially accused of surgically enhancing her looks following an unrecognizable post. 

These accusations began after Michelle debuted her pink hair to millions of her followers back in June. 

The 39-year-old claimed that her difference in appearance is because she is healthier than she has ever been in her life. Michelle said as she uploaded the latest image of herself, “Yeah I know, I look different. I look better healthier than ever. I was down bad, some didn’t want me to get it back together.Ok, now the face lift lies are getting old, I know it kills your soul, but God guided them doctor’s hands so that means he was in control BARSSSSS.”

After Michelle’s post, although many still maintained she had something done to alter her appearance, others came to the former reality star’s defense and urged people to keep their comments to themselves. One fan even brought up how the majority of those suggesting Michelle has had surgery are Black women.

K. Michelle in 2019 (L) and K. Michelle today (R). Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage, @kmichelle/ Twitter

“Don’t explain yourself, these people don’t matter.”

“It’s clearly makeup with some contouring so I really don’t understand why people keep putting all these different types of surgeries on that girl! What’s crazy is It’s mainly black women tearing her down! Guess it’s only a issue when women of other races make these crazy statements about us.”

“It’s weird to have so many opinions about what people do or don’t do with their body. So weird.”

“She said what she said, now y’all need to stop hating & move on.”

The backdrop to Michelle’s recent admission is her years-long journey to remove her silicone butt injections. It began in 2017 — five years after she had her butt augmentation after she started experiencing symptoms like migraines, leg pain, and fatigue. Ultimately Michelle found out that the silicone from the procedure was spreading to her legs. 

The following year, in 2018, she had at least four surgeries to remove the silicone and dead tissue. Since then Michelle purportedly has had several reconstructive surgeries, the latest being in April of this year. 

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