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‘Tacky as Hell’: Draya Michele’s Barely-There Chain Link Skirt Flops with Fans

Draya Michele‘s attire at Drake’s birthday party on Saturday, Oct. 23, caused an uproar on social media after fans condemned the reality star for her chain-link skirt. 

The rapper celebrated his 35th birthday last week and held a Narcos-themed costume party in Los Angeles, California. “Narcos” is a series that follows the lives of Colombia’s notorious drug cartels. The guests included Michele, Chris Brown, Future, Offset and many others.

Draya Michele’s ensemble at Drake’s 35th birthday is a flop among fans. Photo:@drayamichele/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Michele, who is seen wearing a Versace chain print top with a chain skirt, explained the inspiration behind her outfit, which was cartel and “gogo.” She said, “The category was CARTEL .. so I put my own little spin on it and added a little gogo vibe. I don’t have a ton of pictures because I had a dead phone, but I did have an amazing time, and that’s what’s important. My shoes tell all the tales.”

As fans began to view her post, many poked fun at Michele’s outfit. One individual went as far as to say that the star should have attended 21 Savage’s Freak Nik-themed birthday party in Atlanta, which was also held this past weekend, instead of Drake’s because of her wardrobe choice.

“Draya is the epitome of I couldn’t find anything to wear because wtf.”

“It’s not giving what she thought it was giving.”

“No..not at all. Tacky as hell.”

“Tf Draya got on?”

“Draya should’ve been at 21 party with that s–t on.”

In addition to the remarks about Michele’s attire, others mentioned her broken shoe that she revealed happened following the night of partying in the caption. One wrote, “It’s the broken shoe for me.” Another said, “damnnnnnn shoes had some fun, didn’t they?”

An Instagram user stated the party must have been “dope” because it resulted in breaking a shoe. That person said, “I just died after seeing the shoe pic. Safe to say the party was DOPE.”

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