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‘I Thought That Was Ciara’: Amara La Negra’s New Look Has Fans Doing a Double Take

Amara La Negra is steadily posting photos of herself modeling on her Instagram page and the latest has fans doing a double take.

In her photo from Saturday, Oct. 23, she stands in front of a gray background wearing a black halter top. As she stares straight into the camera lens, her hair appears as if it may be blowing since it’s trailing behind her. “When you See Me What Do you See,” she asked her fans in the caption.

Amara La Negra shares photos that has fans doing a double take. Ciara (top) Tyra Banks (bottom right) (Photo: @amaralanegra/Instagram) (Photo: @tyrabanks/Instagram) (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

One person answered, “Hard work. Dedication. Perseverance. Resilience. Dominican powerhouse. I mean the list goes on.” Someone else said, “Gorgeousness and a go-getter determined to succeed!” But some people did not see La Negra at all at first glance.

A few people thought the singer looked like fellow singer Ciara. “A pic of Ciara at least in this pic that’s who I thought u was,” wrote one fan and another said, “Damn I thought that was Ciara for a second.” Apparently, that’s not the only person she resembled. To some, she also looked like “America’s Next Top Model” head huncho Tyra Banks. “A little bit of tyra banks,” someone wrote.

Besides having that big beautiful afro and figure, a few things La Negra is known for is embracing her ethnicity and her beauty. She speaks a lot about colorism, as she is a darker-skinned Latina and encourages others to embrace their melanated skin as well. Earlier this month, the “Love and Hip Hop” reality star celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month by explaining what her culture means to her.

During E! News’ “Ones To Watch” series, she said, “I am proud of being Afro-Latina, Latina, Dominicana, Black…as a matter of fact, I’m just proud of being myself.” She said, “To check-mark all those boxes, it means sound, it means rhythm, it means flavor…It means culture.”

She continued to elaborate by adding, “It means so many things to me… I’m just proud of who we are and I’m proud that I am part of that category of that family of the meaning of Hispanic Heritage Month. I’m just honored to be able to embrace it.”

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