Asked and Answered: ‘The Breakfast Club’ Utterly Confused About Amara La Negra’s Ethnicity

Latina Artist and ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star Amara La Negra spills the tea on the ‘Breakfast Club.’ La Negra starts off by expressing how grateful she is for being on the show and before anyone could respond, Charlamagne jumps out and asks “What are you?” She responds a little thrown off by the question and says that her parents are Dominican and identifies as Afro-Latina. Shortly after, utterly confused DJ Envy asks “So what is Afro-Latina? I Thought that was half-black, half something else.” The reality star said many think that because “when people think black they think African American.”

She then addresses the rumors of her altering her complexion to appear darker by jokingly saying “Im not black by the way, yes I do blackface and I use melanin shots to uh be darker.” La Negra goes on to say that “it’s actually sad that I have to answer these questions.”


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