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‘Girl Bye’: Fans Drag Amara La Negra After She Shares a Pic of Her Natural Hair and Seemingly Denies Wearing an Afro Wig

Amara La Negra is in a bit of hot water with fans. On Sunday, July 5, the cast member of “Love and Hip Hop Miamishared a photo on Instagram that showed her rocking her natural mane. Amara is known for her signature larger-than-life afro, so some people were taken aback when they saw the Afro-Latina reality star sporting a small top knot bun.

Folks who watch the hit reality show know that the singer-songwriter denied wearing a hairpiece and claimed that her voluminous afro was her authentic hair. In the photo, one can see that her curls appear to be gone and her hair is nowhere near as full as it seemed to be on television. Some people bashed Amara’s drastic hair transformation, expressing the idea that her Afrocentric hairstyle was actually a wig and not her real hair.

Amara La Negra showing off her natural hair (Photo): @amaralanegraaln/Instagram

Amara attempted to clear up the speculation in a video on her Instagram Story, explaining that she blew out her hair to achieve her new style. “It’s funny. The people that be actin’ like there’s no such thing as a blow dryer, there’s no such thing as hair spray, like… it’s funny,” she said while driving. “I mean I just be lettin’ the people think what they want, but anyways whatever makes ya’ll feel happy, whatever makes ya’ll feel good because guess what? Life is good!” she added. “I feel great. I am blessed. Amen, Jesus, hallelujah, it is what it is. And it is what it is.”

Almost instantly, fans gravitated toward the video and bashed the Miami native for seemingly lying about her hair extensions. One IG user said: “Girl bye that wasn’t your damn hair it’s ok it’s nothing wrong with wigs weaves or hair extensions we just don’t like that you kept pumpin it’s your hair🤦🏽‍♀️.” Another fan said: “My thing is just be honest it was a wig it’s okay sis 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️.”

Amara La Negra wearing her hair in an afro (Photo): @amaralanegraaln/Instagram

Amara has yet to address the recent backlash from fans accusing her of not telling the truth.

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