‘Is He Dating Amara?’: Erica Mena Calls Out Safaree Samuels After He Buys Amara La Negra’s Daughters Luxury Items But Gives His Biological Kids ‘a Few Balloons’

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels’ divorce may be finalized, but their drama saga continues to erupt. 

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels (Photo: @iamerica_mena/Instagram; @safaree/Instagram)

The former video vixen called out her ex-hubby online after Samuels gifted “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” castmate Amara La Negra’s twin daughters, Sumajestad Royalty and Sualteza Empress De los Santos, Rolex watches for their first birthday.

While at La Negra’s extravagant birthday bash for her infant children, another cast member of the show, Bobby Lytes, who is friends with La Negra, recorded the intimate moment when Samuels surprised La Negra with the two luxurious gifts. 

La Negra shares her twins with real-estate professional Allan Mueses.

“I’m doing this because I’m new to Miami,” Samuels said during his speech, “and you know ever since I been here Amara has been a great, you know, everything. Friend, tour guide, helping me with my Spanish and she’s just been, you know.” 

The singer interrupted the Jamaican-American rapper’s speech to help further describe their relationship. 

Amara then said, “business partner,” with Safaree concurring. 

The two also seemingly showed signs of some sort of romantic relationship after former “LHH” castmate Shay Johnson captured a video of them dancing together.

In her video, viewers can see Samuels and La Negra’s lips meeting a few seconds before confetti fell from above their heads. 

“What the h–,” Johnson said in her video. “This gonna be a problem.” 

The mother of one continued, “They are really together. Like I’m happy if she’s happy; that’s all I can say. If she’s happy, I’m happy. But I did not see this coming, kissing and s–t.”

According to video footage on Amara and Samuels’ Instagram stories, they both attended Janet Jackson’s concert in Hollywood, FL, at The Guitar Hotel on April 16.

After Mena caught wind of her child’s father coming across as a stepdaddy of sorts, she decided to step into The Shade Room’s comments section and let fans know how, according to her, he treats the two biological children he shares with her.

“Awe so cute,” she wrote. “It’s just very interesting how my kids have NEVER received gifts like this by this waste man. My daughter just turned 3. All she got was a birthday cake and a few balloons in his living room.”

Mena continued, “and please don’t get me started on how he didn’t do anything for my sons 1st birthday until two weeks after the fact. And again, that was just balloons in his living room. But Happy every enjoyed this circus theme birthday party with a deadbeat clown as the special guest.” 

The “Love and Hip Hop: New York” alum left another comment, noting that Samuels blocked her on Instagram because she wouldn’t “take his crying begging a– back.” 

She also suggested that her rejecting him was the reason why he was “desperately shooting in miami.”

She closed her message with, “let him know he has medical bills that’s only 8k from last year he owes along with………..never mind just tell him he got it. Pay it.” 

Several fans rallied behind the 35-year-old reality star, stating how strange it is for Samuels to seemingly take care of another woman’s children. 

“So is he dating Amara? I’m just wondering because that a huge gift for somebody else’s children!”

“It’s so performative and useless to give toddlers a Rolex. He did that for himself, not the kids”

“Why he at a kids party without his kids”

In a now-deleted Instagram story upload, Mena revealed DMs and text messages reportedly between Samuels and an undisclosed woman. 

Mena’s first post featured a voice message where fans can hear the 41-year-old man tell the mystery woman he was trying to get his children “out of here” so he can see her.

The second post was a rumored screenshot message from the mystery woman, and showed Samuels’ alleged contact name as “Delusional.” 

“The most embarrassing thing is getting things like this from other females,” Mena wrote over the screenshot, “which include videos of your kid crying while he’s claiming how it’s ‘torture’ to be with his own child.”

Mena continued, “This waste man contact name is stored by this particular female as Delusional. This man BEEN playing sick games with my kids since back in August of last year.” 

“The Stepmother” actress then called out Samuels’ mother, Shirley Samuels, urging her to speak out about her son’s actions. 

“It’s about time you speak up because if you didn’t raise this Waste man who did?!”

She finally ended her rant by writing, “Yeah, Y’all know I go hard but this type of hard – for my kids ! The whole world gonna feel it. I’m not being quiet about the games that has been played when it comes to my kids anymore.”

Mena closed with, “It is what it is. I’m not saving nobody’s face no more.”

Before the former couple ended up in this drama-filled space, there was a time when they seemingly were in love. 

Mena and Samuels met in 2017, when they both were contestants on VH1’s horror reality show “Scared Straight.” Their relationship was finally made public in 2018, and, by 2019, they were married. 

However, their happily-ever-after came crashing down after Mena accused Samuels of constantly stepping outside of their marriage with several women. 

They finally decided to split for good in 2022, and Mena was granted sole custody of their two children: Safire Majesty and Legend Brian Samuels.

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