‘The One to the Left.. She Over It’: Amara La Negra’s Twin’s Response to the Star and Her Mother Gushing Over Them Left Fans In Tears

“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star Amara La Negra welcomed her twin girls Sumajestad Royalty, and Sualteza Empress Mueses back in March. Since their arrival, La Negra has captured and shared numerous moments in the infants’ lives on social media. 

One particular instance included the 31-year-old and her mother, Ana Maria Oleaga, gushing over the twins. In the clip shared on June 12, Sumajestad Royalty, and Sualteza Empress– who are almost 3 months old — were seen staring at the camera as La Negra and Oleaga spoke in Spanish. 

The One to the Left.. She Over It': Amara La Negra's Twin's Response to the Star and Her Mother Gushing Over Them Left Fans In Tears
Amara Le Negra shares a new post of twin girls Sumajestad Royalty, and Sualteza Empress. @amaralanegraaln/Instagram

Although La Negra and Oleaga’s tone changed throughout the clip, the twins appeared uninterested in the conversation. In addition to the post, La Negra wrote, “My mom and My Grandma are always Fighting over Us! They want our attention so bad! @lasroyaltwins.” 

As fans viewed the post, many expressed how beautiful La Negra’s twin girls are. 

“Omg….they are so adorable…and they have your eye color…wow genes are strong…looking like Grandma hi babies.”

“Look at these beautiful little princesses.”

“Oh my goodness they’re sooo adorable baby fever.”

“They’re sooooo beautiful…I’m still not having any tho. .” 

“AMARA those girls are adorable they are priceless you did great mommy I knew you would make an excellent mother..”

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned that the twins’ nonchalant demeanor stemmed from the pair wanting La Negra and Oleaga to lower their voices. One wrote, “They sooooo cute but the one to the left.. she over it …. Awww super Cute daughters Amara ”

Another said, “Poor babies are like why y’all so loud damn it’s two of us take turns bruh.”

A third Instagram user stated, “I think they’re confused on why everbody yelling at them.”

This post comes months after La Negra revealed the identity of her children’s father. She shared in a now-deleted Instagram post that the twins are shared with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Allan Mueses.

La Negra wrote, “Meet our mommy Amara La Negra & Our Daddy Allan Mueses.” 

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