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‘She Is Wayyy Too Grown to be Posting Something Like This’: Keyshia Cole’s Latest Post About Her New Boo Turns Fans Off, Cole Claps Back

Keyshia Cole is still enjoying her man — but she also has a little time on her hands to clap back at her haters that have a problem with it.

On April 13, she posted a video of a hickey on her neck to show off what her boo left behind after kissing her. Apparently, the red mark wasn’t red enough for her, because she wrote on the video, “Next time make it darker bae Issa vibe,” while Coi Leray’s “No More Parties” played.

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole. (Photo: @keyshiacole/Instagram)

Ever since she posted hints about having a new boo to now dropping videos of him — while keeping his face hidden — fans have been not only excited for Cole, but they’ve also been nosy. Many anxious fans are over the suspense and want to know who he is. As of late, it looks like a few might have found his Instagram page and said allegedly his name is Zay. But now the excitement for fans has died down and they are just plain annoyed by her most recent post of her hickey.

One person said, “She is wayyy too grown to be posting something like this.” “That is not a vibe. That’s high school asl,” said another. Someone else even said, “It’s giving midlife crisis.”

Cole caught wind of the negative comments and responded on Twitter. She said, “How can u be too old for a hickey ?? You b- – – – -s crazy. And whoever said it. F- -k ya! #Respectfully 😂,” and she didn’t stop there. More fans who were seemingly bothered by the post decided to write her on Twitter, and she responded to several of them.

One person who brought her two sons into the situation wrote, “It’s not that your too old for a hickey , but that fact you felt the need to post it , was VERY childish ! especially when you have kids & are in the public eye like that! @KeyshiaCole.” Cole responded, “The f- -k my kids got to do with my hickey? They hovers because y’all was f-cking! 😂 I’m sorry, making love🥰👅.”

She responded to most of her critics with laughing emojis, tongue emojis, or some sort of smile emoji. It’s safe to say Cole is happy, and she’s not going to let the hater rain on her parade.

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