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‘Steve Kept It Simple Today’: Steve and Marjorie Harvey Snuggle Up In a Photo Together While Flaunting Their Expensive Outfits

It’s almost been two weeks since Marjorie Harvey has been in Paris, France, celebrating her birthday, and her husband Steve Harvey joined her just a few days after she arrived.

Since the Harveys have been vacationing in the City of Love they’ve been exuding nothing but romance, Black love, and elite fashionable outfits, and their fans can not get enough of it. On Oct. 15, Marjorie uploaded another photo of the two posing in their outfits that were not only stylish but also meant to keep them warm as winter approaches.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey. (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

The “Family Feud” host wore a gray crew neck sweater with the infamous Louis Vuitton symbol decorated all over it. He complemented the sweater with black slacks, black leather shoes, and a pair of black shades. As for Marjorie, she went for a bottomless look and wore an oversized black-and-white Valentino sweater. Long black boots are what she wore as her choice of shoe, and she, like her husband, also wore a pair of black shades.

Commenting on Steve’s outfit, one person said, “Steve kept it simple today,” but someone else believes Steve’s outfit was still on point. “Steve Harvey really be putting on,” said another. Someone else tried to be a little shady and left a comment which referred to Marjorie’s more revealing outfit that she wore last week. “Now that’s better…from no bra to fully covered,” they said.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey step out to celebrate her birthday. (Photo: @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram)

This comes after Marjorie wore an alluring dress five days prior. Although it was black, it still was translucent. In the photo, fans could see that she was not wearing a bra and took it upon themselves to mention it. It seems like the only people who had an issue with the outfit were a few of their followers. But, Steve, however, not only reposted the photos on his page, he also wrote a caption.

“Yo fine ass is my wife you my greatest flex…,” he wrote, and she replied, “Ditto.”

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