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‘U Need A Bra’: Steve Harvey’s ‘Flex’ Post with Wife Marjorie Harvey Goes Left When Fans Focus on Her See-Through Dress

Marjorie Harvey is bringing sexy back.

For her birthday trip to Paris, the newly turned 57-year-old has been popping out in some of her most stylish looks. One of those outfits is a black mesh Dolce & Gabbana dress which she wore with a pair of strappy black heels.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey step out to celebrate her birthday. (Photo: @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram)

Besides it being mesh and black, it also stood out because of the black beads hanging off all over, and the straps which fell off her shoulders. Marjorie wore the dress on a date with her husband and famed comedian Steve Harvey, who was also wearing a Dolce & Gabbana outfit.

In the photos on their respective Instagram pages, Marjorie stands proudly with all smiles next to her husband in one and gets her own solo shot in another. It’s not clear where the two were going, but it was more than likely an upscale place considering how dressed up they both were.

As for Marjorie’s hair, she kept it simple by letting it all hang to the side with slight waves in it. As she usually does when she dresses up, it’s clear Marjorie was going to dress to impress and her fans were truly impressed.

Steve Harvey brags on his wife Marjorie Harvey. (Photo: @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram)

“​​Auntie Marjorie…Mamm. MAMMMM!!!!!! MAMMMMMMM!!!! I mean GEEEEEESHHH!!! I mean between you and JLo everybody under 50 need to go back to the gym and start OVER,” said one fan. Another wrote, “you always killing the clothes game beautiful beautiful fabulous elegant and sexy.”

But not everyone thought Marjorie’s choice of dress was elegant. Some thought it was too sexy, pointing out the fact that the dress was so see-through that you could see her undergarments…or lack thereof.

“Steve your wife nipple is out for others to see wasn’t that one of your topical 🤔🤔🤔🤔 practice what u preach,” challenged one fan. Someone else suggested that Steve wasn’t actually pleased with her look, but didn’t want to bicker about it. “Ummm too much to be married….you just didn’t want to argue,” that person wrote.

Another simply wrote, “U need a bra.”

But based on Steve’s caption, he thinks Marjorie, whom he’s been married to for 14 years, looked sexy. “Yo fine ass is my wife ❤️ you my greatest flex…,” he wrote, and Marjorie felt the same way about her man writing, “Ditto.”

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