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‘It’s Always the Husband’: Tia Mowry’s Family Video Derails When Fans Point Out Cory’s Look 

Tia Mowry‘s fashion video featuring her family on Monday, Oct. 18, went left when fans zoomed in on the attire of her husband, Cory Hardrict.

The actor was singled out because he didn’t quite follow the all-black memo everyone was wearing.

Tia Mowry’s (right) fashion video with her family: Cory Hardrict (far left), Cairo Hardrict (far left) and Cree Hardrict gets derailed after her husband breaks the dress code. Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

Tia, Cory, and their two children, Cree Hardrict, 10, and 3-year-old Cairo Hardrict, were seen in the hallway modeling their outfits in the recording. Things began to take a turn in the transitional video after Cory appeared on-screen. The 41-year-old was wearing green sweats, along with a blue jean jacket and black hat, while his family dressed formally.

When Tia posted the clip, she didn’t disclose an exact reason behind it, other than her family fashionably stepping into the week. She said, “How The Hardrict’s step into Monday. How about ya’ll?” As her followers began to view the upload, many jokingly called out Cory for not following the dress code. One even asked if he wasn’t informed about the required outfits.

“Cory said I’ll do the video but I ain’t getting dressed!!!!”

“It’s always the husband gotta be the one.”

“Did her hubby not get the memo?”

“Cory did not understand the assignment.”

“Cory the type to not comply with the dress code, but be in every pic!
Beautiful Family tho.”

In addition to the Cory remarks, a couple of people brought up Cairo and how happy she looked to participate in the challenge. One wrote, “Cairo was finally excited about this one! Lol.” Another said,”It’s the Baby for me!”

Last year, Tia admitted to PEOPLE magazine that the one thing that has worked for her family, including her relationship with Cory, is that they never followed trends and did what they felt was right to them.

She said, “The thing I value the most about our relationship is that we never follow trends. We’ve never followed what other people thought we should’ve been doing, we’ve always followed what was right for us.”

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