‘You Gotta Listen to the OG’: Nick Cannon Credits This Famous Friend for Helping Him End Eminem Beef

Nick Cannon and Eminem had a longstanding beef that spurred from both entertainers sharing Mariah Carey as an ex, (although Carey has denied dating Eminem) but Cannon gave props to none other than Fat Joe for putting a stop to the back-and-forth that sporadically continued for a decade.

During the Oct. 11 episode of his self-titled talk show, Cannon was joined by “Lean Back” rapper Fat Joe, and after praising him as a true friend, revealed that Joe also was the motivating force that helped put an end to the back-and-forth between him and the outspoken Detroit-raised rapper that dated back to 2009.

Nick Cannon and Eminem have finally ended their longstanding beef, thanks to a surprising assist from a mutual famous friend. (Photo: @nickcannon/Instagram, @eminem/Instagram)

“When I tell y’all this brother right here is probably one of the coolest cats y’all will ever meet,” Cannon said as he introduced the “All the Way Up” artist. “He’s had so much success but always down to earth, always. Whenever I have an issue, whenever I need anything, I make one call and Fat Joe is always there.”

Eminem and Cannon’s bad blood began when the “Slim Shady” rapper called out Cannon and his then-wife Mariah Carey in his single “Bagpipes From Baghdad,” which the “Wild N’ Out” creator responded to in a now-deleted Tumblr post “How Cute” where he called Em a “b***h a**” and “a natural-born racist in disguise.”

Things eventually died down but kicked back up in 2019 when Cannon recounted the ’09 feud on T.I.’s “ExpediTIously” podcast. The “8 Mile” star retaliated on Fat Joe’s 2019 record “Lord Above” and the beef was back.

A few subtweets and posts back and forth and two diss tracks from “The Masked Singer” host later, and it took a sit-down on Fat Joe’s show to put their animosity to rest.

Nick Cannon and Fat Joe. @nickcannon/Instagram

“Honestly, I gotta keep it a stack, this brother right here helped end the ‘beef’ with me and Eminem on his show,” said Cannon starting at 3:55. “And it wasn’t no ‘real beef,’ but Joe was like, ‘Man, I gotta get you two brothers together, man.’ And he called Eminem!”

“And I called Eminem too! I said, ‘This gotta stop,’” added Fat Joe. “You know, y’all both my friends, y’all my brothers, y’all beautiful people, I don’t even know what this is about.”

Unable to argue with the “OG,” Cannon let it go. “Fat Joe ended it, you gotta listen to the OG,” Nick said. “Shouts out to Eminem.”

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