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‘Punches Didn’t Land’: Nick Cannon Says He Made Things ‘Too Intense’ for 50 Cent and Eminem in Rap Battle, Gets Clowned

Nick Cannon was a guest on South Florida’s 99 Jamz this week, and he gave an update on his rap battle with Eminem and 50 Cent.

In December, Eminem dissed Cannon on Fat Joe‘s song “Lord Above,” and Cannon responded with three songs, “The Invitation,” “Pray For Him” and “Used to Look Up to You,” which was aimed at 50.

During a recent interview Nick Cannon (left) talked about his recent rap battle with 50 Cent (center) and Eminem (right). (Photos: Leon Bennett/WireImage via Getty Images, Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“I don’t know. I feel like, at this point, we had a lot of fun with it during the last season of ‘Wild ‘n Out,’ and we get back to it, you know, the jokes ain’t ever gonna stop,” said Cannon. “But I’m going to match your energy wherever you at with it. I didn’t start it, he came at me. I just swing heavy.” 

Cannon then said a lot of people told him not to respond to Eminem’s diss and he didn’t understand why.

“Why not?” he asked. “Ain’t nobody scared of him. Ain’t nobody scared of 50 either. Like, let’s go. I match energy, so however they want to see it. I think it might have got a little too intense for them.”

From there, Cannon said that he’d love to have 50 on “Wild ‘n Out,” because he’s constantly clowning people and considers him the “king of being petty.”

“We gonna talk about them teeth,” said Cannon if 50 ever came on the show. “We gonna talk about his fluctuating weight. We gonna talk about all of that. 50 gonna get these jokes.”

Later, Cannon was asked if he’d ever collaborate with 50 on a television project, which he answered yes to. The “Wild ‘n Out” host also gave credit to 50 for getting into the TV game and anticipated that he’d have a bunch of shows on for a long while.

“I think that’s brilliant, man,” Cannon stated. “For someone of the culture to really control our narratives, that’s what I’m all about. So when I see another Black man getting like that, we put all the jokes and the hip-hop stuff aside. I salute him 100 percent with that.”

After Cannon’s interview surfaced, some said that he was a little too confident in his rap skills and his ability to make things “too intense” for Eminem and 50.

“He said he swings heavy. Those diss songs were garbage. Those punches didn’t land, 🙄” one person wrote on YouTube.

“Nick is his own biggest fan…he’s feeling himself a little too much,” wrote someone else.

Last month, when 50 stopped by “The Breakfast Club,” and was asked if he’d ever respond to Cannon’s diss song, he said no.

“I would never respond to that,” answered 50. “He’s legendary corny. He’s been corny forever, from the very beginning. I thought at one point, he was heading somewhere that was like in the Will Smith-ish [category], ’cause it was comedy stuff, and then it just never got to its destination. It just never got cool.”

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