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‘That’s Embarrassing to Me’: Tamar Braxton Sparks Debate About ‘Going Half’ on Bills While Dating

Tamar Braxton has sparked a new debate about dating.

The singer and reality TV star took to Twitter on Monday, Oct. 11, addressing the topic of “going half” with your partner. Typically “going half” is related to both parties splitting the tab on a date, or even splitting the bills. According to Braxton, she does not approve of the concept and would rather go all or nothing.

Tamar Braxton. Photo: @tamarbraxton/ Instagram

“Is there something wrong with me not wanting to go half with a dude,” she started off in her tweet. “I don’t mind paying for BOTH of us sometimes but I’m not going half NONE of time! It’s a total turn off for me. Do y’all guys think going half is sexy?”

She went on to say that it’s possible she may think that way because of her upbringing but still “ that ain’t it.” To get extra opinions on the matter, she invited her fans to give their perspectives in the comments.

“I agree!! A turn off for me too! I don’t mind paying for BOTH of us sometimes…but going half…no way!! Thats embarrassing to me. It will be our last date! Better off just waiting until he has the money to splurge before even offering or simply cook a nice meal at home,” said one fan who agreed with Braxton.

Another person, a male, chimed in with a different opinion, “Hard and fast rules about who should pay what and when shouldn’t come until the relationship is serious. Before that, going Dutch eliminates monetary pretenses. We just getting to know each other. Let it be about that. And not about copping free meals.”

Someone else said it depends on the status of the relationship. “I mean I don’t mind it if that’s what we agree on coming into a relationship together but like if we are married then hell naw,” that person wrote.

Braxton was married to music producer Vincent Herbert in 2008. They share a child together, Logan Vincent Herbert, who is now 8 years old. Braxton filed for divorce from Hebert in 2017 and it was finalized in 2019. She later went on to date Nigerian businessman David Adefeso, but the two called it quits last year after there were allegations of a fight breaking out in his car.

It’s not clear whether Braxton is ready to date again but, as of late, the “Love and War” singer has been focused on her healing journey and her happiness.

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