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‘I Feel like I’m Watching a Slave Movie’: ‘The Real’ Co-Host Garcelle Beauvais Gets Emotional Over Treatment of Haitians

“My heart is breaking,” said actress Garcelle Beauvais as she talked about the disturbing images that have surfaced in the wake of the Haitian migrant crisis.

During a recent episode of “The Real,” the co-host, who is from the city of Saint-Marc in Haiti, became very emotional as she described the disappointment she felt in the way thousands of Haitian immigrants have been treated after making their way toward the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Garcelle Beauvais gets emotional over treatment of Haitians. Photo: @garcelle/Instagram

“I am beyond emotional today. My heart is breaking as I see the shocking images from Texas where immigrants from my homeland of Haiti are being treated so inhumanely. The United Nations is even speaking out about it,” said the star from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” 

Earlier this month, more than 14,000 migrants, most of whom are Haitian, arrived at the border town of Del Rio, Texas, after a daring trip across the Rio Grande. Photos shared on social media show poor living conditions and people living in tents in triple-digit temperatures without access to running water, while portable toilets are said to be limited. 

Beauvais revealed her mother brought her family to America not knowing the language to seek the same things the thousands of migrants came here for, a better life. Through hard work, she obtained a successful career in entertainment and says she’s proud to be in America. 

However, she told her co-hosts the crisis has made her angry. She also expressed her sentiments in an Instagram post when, as she said, she “hashtagged Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.” 

“I voted for them,” the 56-year-old said as she fought back tears. “And to see my people being treated this way…they are fleeing because of the earthquakes, because of the disasters, because of the political unrest, and this is how they are being treated. They are being treated like they are criminals. They’re being treated … I feel like I’m watching a slave movie.”

Yet, it was perhaps photos of Border Patrol agents on horseback, chasing down migrants at the border and holding what appeared to be whips that sparked the most outrage. 

“These patrol officers are on horseback and they are whipping people, innocent people who just want to be treated fairly and get food. We can’t seem to get a break and it breaks my heart and I am ashamed that this is how Americans are treating other immigrants,” the star said while crying. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during a briefing, “I don’t think anyone seeing that footage would think it was acceptable or appropriate.” The White House also said it would investigate the photos captured by Reuters and Al Jazeera photographers. 

Check out the full segment below.

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