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‘It Makes You Extremely Sick’: K. Michelle Now Claims She Has Still Has Silicone In Her Body, So She Can’t Get COVID Vaccine

K. Michelle has continuously presented varying accounts about her plastic surgery history and what she’s characterized as several health scares from the effects of silicone used in her implants.

Now she has taken to Instagram Live and claimed without evidence that the silicone in her body — which she announced last fall had been completely removed — is preventing her from getting the coronavirus vaccine.

K. Michelle opens up about not getting the covid vaccine because it doesn’t “mix well” with silicone. (Photo: @kmichellemusic/Instagram)

“Silicone and the vaccine don’t mix well together,” she said in a clip of the Live. “It makes you extremely sick. So I have to make a decision about fighting a sickness when I’m just getting healthy again and the chances of what the vaccine might do to me. Because you’ll never fully get silicone out of your body, this is something you be stuck with for the rest of your life.”

The R&B singer began having health scares in 2017, five years after getting her butt injections by an unlicensed provider. She experienced migraines, fatigue, and leg pain before being told that the silicone was spreading to her legs. The next year she had four surgeries to get out as much of the silicone as possible and had more removal surgeries in the following years. She has since been having reconstructive surgery to get a healthier version of the body she desires.

Since the 39-year-old has been going through her surgical woes, she’s been using her journey as a testimony for other women that are seeking to enhance their body. She claims she has a series with Lifetime in the works where she will support other women who want to remove silicone from their bodies as well.

In the Live she continued said, this “is why I try to talk to women and let them know that the girls you see are sick,” she said referring to women who got silicone surgeries to reach their desired figure. But Michelle warns that “ It’s not what you think it is.”

In regards to implants, there is no evidence that they have any interaction with vaccines. Plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD said, “I’ve had a couple patients with breast implants who have called wondering if there is any problem with getting the vaccination while having implants. At this point, there are no reported incidences of any kind. In fact, there are numerous plastic surgeons across the country who have implants and have received their COVID vaccinations. They have had no problem in regard to the implants.”

While she’s been getting better, Michelle has also had to deal with crude comments from fans who consistently harass her about her facial appearance. Many have recently made comments that Michelle does not look like herself. She’s begged for people to “leave [her] alone” and even cried about it on previous Lives. She ended the clip by saying, “Sixteen surgeries later, four blood transfusions later, yeah, I’m not going to be myself, but y’all don’t care until somebody die.”

It’s not clear when the “Can’t Raise a Man” singer’s series will be released.

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