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‘Now This Is Growth’: Tamar Braxton’s Random Appreciation Post to Sister Traci Has Fans Commending the Singer for Taking Accountability for Her Past Actions

Tamar Braxton took the high road on Aug. 25 after sharing an unplanned appreciation post to her big sister Traci Braxton.

In the initial upload the 44-year-old expressed how amazing Traci is despite their once estranged relationship.Tamar also shared her sole reasoning behind this dedication post was to apologize for a previous tweet she wrote years ago regarding the “What About Love” vocalist’s aspirations about wanting a Grammy.

Tamar Braxton apologizes to Traci Braxton for unsolicited Grammy tweet from years ago in a lengthy Instagram post. @tamarbraxton/Instagram

“Random Appreciation post to my beautiful, funny, amazing sister therealtracibraxton …I regret this time the most. I was spoiled and stupid. Selfish, self righteous and overly sensitive. And I made you feel like s–t with this irrational non deserving post.I think this is when our relationship took a turn for the worst … but look at God. We are closer than ever. Probably because WE disinvited the devil in our homes.”

Tamar added, “The truth is she (YOU) are talented and you make bops just like the rest of us in your own style and in your own way. And it’s GREAT music✨ I still jam to #lastcall 😇😅☝🏽you are enough and you are for sure not a #wannabe ( F–k them people for saying that.. it’s not and wasn’t ok) you are EVERYTHING.. my BIG sister… and i love you with my entire heart. Keep being you!! It’s everything I need❤️✨ love u Traci,Traci✨🙏🏼❤️.”

The “non deserving” 2014 tweet as the former reality star described it read, “Do the Grammys have a duet auto tune category yet? Cause…” shared alongside a chair and a thumbs down emoji. This post was in response to Traci crediting their oldest sister Toni Braxton for paving the way for their family’s success. It also followed a retweeted fan upload that suggested she would will one day win a Grammy.

As fans viewed Tamar’s post many of them applauded the singer for making things right publicly with Traci in addition to mending their relationship privately. One Instagram user even brought up how Tamar’s acknowledgement of her past mistake, which included previously tearing down Traci’s music, was all the 50-year-old needed to believe she had a fair shot.

“Now this is growth, maturity, taking responsibility & the high road. Soooooooo proud of you. The best is yet to come, keep winning!!!”

“Tamar you taking accountability for what you said in the past is the sign of your journey to growth and your under construction journey.”

“Thank you Tamar for this. That’s all Traci wanted was her fair shot and for her family to show love and support. I am so happy y’all are in a better space with each other. Y’all are blood and forever bonded these greedy networks just love to exploit peoples pain.”

“I’m glad you guys figured it out family is everything.”

“🙏🏽🙏🏽 Praying for your continued sister bond healing!! @tamarbraxton, I love to see it ❤❤.”

Earlier this year, Tamar penned a beautiful message to her big sister in honor of her 50th birthday, accompanied with her favorite photo of Traci. Part of the initial post read, “I haven’t been the best baby sister but as I’ve told you I will be the BEST BABY SISTER you ever had I hope I’m making you that my newfound appreciation and love for our sisterhood makes me so happy and blessed to be your baby sister.”

It is unclear if Traci has seen Tamar’s recent “random appreciation” post because the sisters aren’t currently following each other on social media.

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