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‘Daughter Looks More Like Brandy than Brandy’: Brandy and Her Daughter Sy’Rai Smith’s New Dance Video Has Fans Fawning Over How Strongly the 19-year-old Resembles the Singer

Brandy and her 19-year-old daughter Sy’Rai Smith shocked fans on Saturday, July 31, with their strikingly similar features as the pair participated in a dance challenge video shared on TikTok. 

The mother-daughter duo favored each other so much many people mentioned how Smith looked like the younger version of her mother. 

Brandy and Sy’Rai Smith participate in the “Put It Down” Challenge on TikTok. Photo:@brandy/TikTok

In the initial clip captioned, “puttin it down with rai rai♥️,” both Brandy and Smith are seen taking part in the “Put It Down” challenge inspired by the singer’s 2012 hit single featuring Chris Brown. Despite there being multiple dance challenges to this song, the original creator behind this challenge is unknown. As the clip became viral, fans bombarded the 42-year-old’s comments section with comparison statements.

One TikTok user shared how Smith appeared to look more like her mother then she does. “Daughter looks more like Brandy than Brandy.” The “Have You Ever” songstress replied, “I think so too. ♥️and I’m the only one that’s ever said it the way you said it. Spot on.”

Brandy responded to a fan who suggested that her daughter Sy’Rai Smith was the spitting image of her. Photo:@brandy/TikTok

“She definitely looks like Moesha, Brandy!”

“I had to zoom 👀 in to tell which is brandy. Ageless‼️”

“Why is Brandy still out here looking like moesha 😩 and her daughter look like brandy lmaoo.”

In addition to the comparison remarks, Brandy took the time out to thank fans for all their love and allowing her to share the most intimate moments with her daughter on the social media platform. The “Moesha” star said, “Thank y’all all for the love in here ♥️ I’m crazy about @syraismith, so I’m thankful for this platform to dance and have great moments like this.”

This isn’t the first time the mother of one has been very vocal about her relationship with her daughter. In honor of Smith’s 19th birthday in June, the singer penned a touching Instagram post to her “sweet girl.”

She said, “Happy Birthday to the most beautiful soul on earth. I love you more than I can express. I am grateful to be your Mommy and so blessed to watch you grow into a beautiful 19-year-old. You have such a promising future ahead of you and I will be right by your side. I love you, sweet girl.♥️♥️ everyone, please wish @syraismith a Happy Birthday #happybirthdaysyrai.”

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