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‘Whew, Chile You Look Just Like Your Mother’: Brandy’s Daughter Sy’Rai Recreates ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Video and Fans Can’t Get Over Their Resemblance

Anyone who is a true fan of ’90s R&B singers Brandy and/or Monica would remember their iconic 1998 single “The Boy Is Mine.”

The Grammy award-winning song was such a classic hit that to this day people are still singing it, including Brandy’s 19-year-old daughter Sy’Rai Smith. On July 15, Smith took to TikTok to recreate the intro of the song where Brandy and Monica confront each other about dating the same man.

Brandy and her daughter Sy’Rai Smith. (Photo: @brandy/Instagram)

Smith, of course, lip-synced her mom’s part and even rocked her mother’s signature ’90s hairstyle — braids. As for Monica’s part, Smith had a friend of hers named Stella Williams do her role, and she mimicked Monica’s look from the music video. Her hair was styled in a bob, and she wore a black shirt.

Smith received over 43,000 likes on her video, and fans could not stop talking about her resemblance to her mother. One person wrote, “Whew chile you look just like your mother. You’re beautiful sis.”

Another person said, “When did Brandy’s BabyGirl grow into a beautiful young lady.

Someone else wrote, “You are soooooo pretty! I mean, that face is perfection…mix of mom + dad.” Smith’s dad is a producer named Robert “Big Bert” Smith.

Smith not only developed a few acting skills from her mother, who starred in the ’90s sitcom “Moesha,” but she also can sing. Last year she was featured on her mother’s studio album “B7” on the song “High Heels,” where she sang a verse. Now there are rumors of her potentially coming out with an actual album.

As for her looks, it’s still debatable who Smith looks like truly. Before releasing the TikTok video, many people believed she looked more like her father. Robert and Brandy were dating when the singer got pregnant with her daughter at 22. About a year after she gave birth the two went their separate ways. Now he is married to Xochee, and together they have five children.

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