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‘Porsha Loves Throwing Shamea Under the Bus’: ‘RHOA’ Fans Are In an Uproar After Porsha Williams Hints That Shamea Morton Set Her Up with Fiancé Simon Guobadia

Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans claimed that Porsha Williams threw her best friend Shamea Morton into the social media wringer stemming from Williams’ recent engagement to Simon Guobadia by admitting Morton set the couple up. Williams received backlash following the news of her engagement because Guobadia is still married to “RHOA” friend to the show Falynn Guobadia.  

The “matchmaker” remark came on May 21 after the “Dish Nation” co-host shared an image of her and her fiancé enjoying the night out with the caption, “Ima stick beside him🥰.” Morton then responded in the comment section by writing, “😍Up and mutha lovin stuck ❤️.” To which Williams replied by thanking her bestie for being the “best matchmaker ever.” She said, “Thank you bestie! Best matchmaker ever 😍.”  

Porsha Williams seemingly admits that her best friend Shamea Morton “matched” her and her fiance Simon Guobadia in her comment section underneath her latest post. @ahutchporsha4real/Instagram

Upon Williams releasing that information, many “RHOA” fans expressed how she isn’t a good friend to Morton because she threw her “bestie” under the bus yet again. 

“She trying to put Shamea in it 😂😂.”

“Gotta throw her girl into the flames with her. In true Porsha style.”

“This is TEW MURCH‼️ @shameamorton now you about to get dragged on social media… whew Chile!”

“Porsha LOVES throwing Shamea under the bus 😩.”

“She’s not a very good friend to Shamea… like at all!”

Porsha Williams and Shamea Morton. @porsha4real/Instagram

Back in 2017, Morton and Williams’ friendship became strained after the former Falcons and Hawks cheerleader expressed that Williams didn’t defend her during season 9 of “RHOA” when Phaedra Parks spread rumors about Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker having a sexual tryst with Morton. This is also the same season Parks told Williams that Burruss and Tucker allegedly wanted to drug and rape her in their alleged sex dungeon. 

Morton told Bravo’s Daily Dish the entire situation hurt because she felt that Williams added more fuel to the fire by just going along with it.

“I didn’t care about what Phaedra said as much because she’ll do anything to get herself out of the hot seat. The thing that hurt me was having Porsha not defend me, or even go as far as co-sign it, in a sense, even though she said that wasn’t her intention.The least she could have done is remove herself from that conversation, not add to it. That was very hurtful.” 

Since then, both Williams and Morton made amends. The mother of one recently celebrated Morton’s birthday by penning a thoughtful post to her friend of 26 years.

Williams said, “Happy Birthday!! Aweeee Literally words can’t express how much love My friend @shameamorton !! 26 years of friendship and i’m so blessed to have you in my life !! Love you and wish you many many more as well as everything your heart desires because you Queen deserve it !!! If beautiful inside out was a person @shameamorton 🎉🎉🔥❤️❤️.”

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