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‘Happily Single’: Lamar Odom Shoots Down Rumors About Dating Karlie Redd, Says That They Are ‘Getting to Know Each Other’

Despite being seen at multiple outings together, Lamar Odom is declaring that he and Karlie Redd are “just friends.”

On Friday, May 20, he made a guest appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” where the talk show host grilled him about what she called “a fake relationship” between the basketball star and the “Love and Hip Hop” star.

Seemingly not satisfied with the relationship, Williams said, “Not that I have a problem with Karlie Redd, I just have a problem with Karlie Redd with Lammy.” Odom responded, “We’re friends; we’re really good friends, getting to know each other.” Williams, who was apparently not buying it, proceeded to ask if the two “sleep together.” Odom responded with an awkward silence, but then repeated the words “we’re friends,” along with a chuckle.

Lamar Odom and Karlie Redd attend promotional event for celebrity boxing match together. (Photo: @theshaderoom/Instagram)

Williams continued to pry, later asking if Redd has a key to Odom’s home, to which he replied, “No, nope. Not at all.” After noticing that the 56-year-old still didn’t believe him, he assured her by saying, “I’m still single Wendy. Happily single,” then said, “I’m in Atlanta,” before the clip ended.

Rumors about a potential relationship between the two began to spark last month after they were seen together at Yandy Smith-Harris’ birthday party. Smith-Harris is a cast member within the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise like Redd. Weeks later, Redd and Odom were seen getting cozy in pictures on the red carpet for a promotional event for Odom’s celebrity boxing match against Aaron Carter on June 11. Two more of Redd’s “Love and Hip Hop” castmates, Cisco Rosado and Peter Gunz, also will throw hands on the same night.

Odom was once married to Khloe Kardashian and five months ago called off his engagement to Sabrina Parr. As for Redd, she was able to legally cut ties with her ex-husband, Mo Fayne, last year. In season nine of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”, she revealed that she and Mo Fayne had tied the knot, despite their having troubles throughout the relationship. Now Fayne has more important and legal matters to tend to. The entrepreneur looking at doing around 12 months in prison after pleading guilty to bank fraud charges. Instead of using his PPP loan during the pandemic to pay for his employees and help keep his business afloat he spent $2 million on jewelry and used more of it to pay off his child support.

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