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‘She Played the Game’: Yandy and Mendeecees Harris Reportedly Granted Permission to Renew Their Vows In Dubai Following First Wedding Shocker

Mendeecees Harris reportedly was given the green light to leave the country when a federal judge issued a May 7 decision approving Harris’ request to travel to Dubai to renew his vows to Yandy Smith

According to TMZ, Harris, who was released in 2020 after more than five years in prison for drug trafficking, is still under supervised release until 2025. Upon approval, the “Love & Hip Hop” star’s parole officer claimed that because Harris had been compliant with conditions of his release, including asking for permission to leave the country, they were able to send over the documents to the judge without hesitation. 

Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris are able to renew their vows in Dubai after a judge reportedly granted Mendeecees permission to travel outside of the country. (Photo: @yandysmith/Instagram)

Although the exact date of Harris and Smith’s renewal ceremony is unclear, it is reportedly going to take place sometime in May. The couple initially had a lavish wedding ceremony in 2015, which ultimately was shown on television. Smith later revealed that they never signed a marriage license despite the televised ceremony because of the consequences she would face in joining their assets together. During that time, Harris was headed to prison. He was also still financially responsible to his other children from previous relationships, which could have led to Smith taking a bulk of the responsibility.

After news circulated of Harris’ approval to travel, many people kept bringing up Smith’s decision not to legally marry him. 

“Usually, I would judge but for this situation… she definitely needed to protect her own assets…”

“She played the game…..She knew what he was facing and simply didn’t want to be responsible ( being his wife) for him and his court/ legal stuff for that SMART MOVE YANDY.”

“She wasn’t tryna get caught up in his sh-t.”

One Instagram user went as far as to mention how they didn’t approve of Smith renewing her vows after Harris publicly proclaimed that he wouldn’t stand by her side if she were to go to prison. “She gonna renew her vows after he went on national television and said he wouldn’t hold her down if she went to prison🥴 she did all of that fighting with his baby mothers just to get embarrassed lmao.”

The particular scene in question of Harris’ statement about him holding Smith down if she were to be incarcerated occurred on April 26, during an episode of VH1’s “Couples Retreat,” where the pair discussed their issues while in a ring of fire ceremony.

Upon Harris’ revelation about his ambivalence, Smith declared it was unfair after all she did for him. She said, “So Mendeecees finally admitted that he doesn’t know if he would have stayed if the roles were reversed. And that’s so hurtful because people have said to me, ‘You doing all this but would he do that for you?’ And I’ve always combatted with, ‘He would. We love each other.’ But to hear him sit here in my face and be like ‘I don’t know,’ that’s so unfair.”

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