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‘You Don’t Know What You’ll Do’: Mendeecees Harris Hits Back Following Backlash Over His Previous ‘Jail’ Statement to Yandy Smith

Mendeecees Harris took to Instagram on Wednesday, April 28, and cleared up his previous jail-related comment he made to his wife, Yandy Smith, during the recent episode of VH1’s “Couples Retreat.” In the show, Harris revealed he was unsure if he would have held Smith down if the roles were reversed and she had gone to jail. Harris served about four years in prison for drug trafficking. Following that statement, he faced massive backlash from social media users.

The father of four began by saying he “never” stated that he wouldn’t stick by Smith’s side. “Good afternoon Instagram!FYI: I never said I wouldn’t have held yandy down. I felt like I didn’t want to say what everyone wanted me to say because it sounds good and salacious.”

Mendeecees Harris clarifies his “jail” statement to wife Yandy Smith following the backlash. Photo:@mendeecees/Instagram

He continued by stating what he says he actually meant, and letting the naysayers know how much he loves his family. “What I meant was: you don’t know what you’ll do until you are in that situation and they become you circumstances and you figure it out. I believe action speak louder than words and love conquer all and if anybody [knows] me they know I love my family!”

He closed the post by thanking everyone for watching the show and told them to “tune in” next week for the new episode. Fans’ reactions to the post were split. Some felt Harris shouldn’t have explained himself, while others felt his initial response was what he meant to say and that he just clarified it because he received a lot of flak for it.

“You don’t need to explain especially to ppl that don’t matter in your life, as long as the two of you are happy that is all that matters!!!!”

“No explanation needed for real love. It shows! 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯✊🏾❤️❤️.”

“😂😂😂😂Stop you said what you said.”

“Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh , he said what he said. And that’s that. Ppl won’t do what y would do for them. And that’s just the sad truth.”

“The answer you gave was a slap in the face to her though 🙄😒.”

Mendeecees Harris reveals to his wife, Yandy Smith, that he’s unsure if he would stay and hold the fort down had she gone to jail. Photo:@VH1/YouTube Screenshot

Harris told Smith during the latest episode of “Couples Retreat” aired earlier this week, that he didn’t know what he would do if Smith were to be locked up while they attended a ring of fire ceremony. 

As the couple addressed the issues in their relationship, Smith asked, “If the roles were reversed, would you hold me down?” Harris responded, “If the shoes were on the other foot, you know, I don’t know what I would be able to do.” 

In 2015, Harris was initially given an eight-to-10 year prison sentence for drug trafficking. The music exec reportedly shipped cocaine and heroin from New York City to Rochester, New York, between 2006 and 2008.  

A year later, Harris took a plea and began serving his sentence. He was ultimately released in January 2020.

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