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‘You Wanna See the For Sale Sign?’: ‘M2M’ Star Toya Bush-Harris Addresses Rumors About Selling Her Dream Home

Married to Medicine“star Toya-Bush Harris addressed the rumors about selling her dream home on April 12 during an interview with The Jasmine Brand. Bush-Harris, alongside husband Dr. Eugene Harris, supposedly put their house on the market last year for about $3.525 million. 

In the video, the “M2M” star confirmed that the couple were in fact selling their house and even jokingly suggested showing the “for sale” sign outside the door. When asked why she put her dream home on the market, the mother of two simply said because her vision has changed. 

Toya Bush-Harris looking glamorous in her white T-shirt and denim pants. (Photo: @toyabushharris/Instagram)

“I don’t put final on anything, a death is final. Death is the only thing that is final in my book. There’s nothing final in life. What happens if I became a billionaire, then what? My dream house is gonna look a lot different.”

She added although she can see herself building another dream home elsewhere, she wouldn’t mind staying in her current property. Bush-Harris also debunked the allegations that she was having financial issues by confirming she has already received her check from “M2M.”

She said, “Nothing is happening girl, and season 8 [of ‘Married to Medicine’] is popping. They pay us ahead of time, girl. We good.” 

The Detroit native also touched on claims her former “M2M” co-star Quad Webb made about Harris taking out a $100,000 loan to build her pool. Bush-Harris revealed she was blindsided when she initially saw the clip from the March 21 episode because she thought they were on good terms. The 45-year-old expressed that Webb is looking for attention because she is going through some personal issues.

When the interviewer asked if Bush-Harris reached out to Webb regarding her alleged claims, the stay-at-home mom responded no because she felt Webb doesn’t have any relevance to what is occurring in her household. Bush-Harris closed the interview by giving a teaser of what to expect this season of “M2M” while discussing Webb’s gossiping. 

She said, “When it’s gossip, it is what it is, but when there’s some truth to it, then you’ll see it in about a month.”

In March, Webb faced some serious backlash for attempting to expose Bush-Harris’ alleged financial problems while catching up with Dr. Heavenly Kimes. The comments were in response to Bush-Harris criticizing the 40-year-old’s apartment during an Instagram live with Dr. Simone and Cecil Whitmore.

In the clip, Bush-Harris initially said when asked if Webb were to show her living situation today, “But she hasn’t done that, and she only films with Heavenly. And they’re only in that bulls- -t-ass apartment talking that bulls- -t.”

Webb clapped back by claiming Bush-Harris used skullduggery had to take get loans associated with her home. “She [Bush-Harris] should be the last person talking about anybody’s house, and especially about mine, because I know her real tea in terms of how she got the mother f–king house. She begged, borrowed, and stole, and I mean just in that order. The girl took out a $100,000 personal loan to get the pool, b- – -h.”

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