‘Quad Was Wrong’: ‘M2M’ Star Quad Webb Gets Bashed for Spreading Toya Bush-Harris’ Alleged Financial Issues During a Conversation with Dr. Heavenly

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb got some backlash on March 21 for exposing Toya-Bush Harris‘s alleged financial issues while catching up with Dr. Heavenly Kimes during Sunday’s episode of “M2M.” Webb, who initially visited Kimes’ home last year, talked about her dating life and her eligible suitors when she asked Kimes how the other women were doing. 

Kimes told Webb that Bush-Harris bought a home, to which the actress responded, “Good. Has she been doing good?” While recalling the mother of two’s behavior at her husband’s birthday celebration where Bush-Harris threw shots at her, the dentist said, “She’s been mean.” Webb, shocked by Kimes’ response, reacted, “I can’t believe you’re saying she got a bad attitude towards everybody. Treat them bad?”

Quad Webb (left) and Dr. Heavenly Kimes (right). (Photo: @absolutelyquad/Instagram, @dr_heavenly/Instagram)

As Webb informs Kimes about how good the status of her relationship with Bush-Harris has been, the “Heaven Help Us” host showed the 40-year-old a clip of the housewife criticizing Webb’s apartment. The incident occurred during an Instagram Live chat a couple of months previously that Kimes had had with Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore.

In the Live, Cecil attempted to ask Bush-Harris a question regarding Webb showing “her situation today” when he was interrupted by the Detriot native, who said, “But she hasn’t done that, and she only films with Heavenly. And their only in that bulls–t-ass apartment talking that bulls–t.”

As the recording end, and Kimes retrieves her phone from Webb, she says, “I’m just saying, you said y’all cool, right?” 

Webb tells the dentist, as Kimes informed her the interview was recent, “She [Bush-Harris] should be the last person talking about anybody’s house, and especially about mine, because I know her real tea in terms of how she got the mother f–king house. She begged, borrowed, and stole, and I mean just in that order. The girl took out a $100,000 personal loan to get the, pool b–h.”

The “M2M” alum continued while mentioning Bush-Harris’ husband Eugene Harris, “Toya feels like having certain cars or certain houses living in a certain ZIP code, it validates her. And she don’t give a damn if she work Eugene into an early grave, or if she spends the money before it’s even made. She don’t give a f–k.”

As the women joked about Bush-Harris’ alleged debt by making it into a song Webb completed her statement by saying, “B—h, don’t talk about my house when you barely got yours. She barely owns it. By the skin of her teeth got that house.”

Upon hearing the news, Kimes expressed how bad she felt showing Webb that interview clip. “I shouldn’t have shown you that video. I thought you already seen it though.”

She added, “We gon’ pray for everybody.”

During the March 21 episode, Euguene and Bush-Harris denied those debt allegations on their respective Twitter pages. Bush-Harris retweeted a fan’s post that said Webb was “essential” to the show and called her “M2M” co-star an “Essential liar.”

Eugene wrote on his page, “As far as beg.. never done that! [Borrow]? It’s called a mortgage and it’s what grown folk do when they buy a house! Too bad some could never get past underwriting. Steal? If u have proof call the law! #Married2Med.”

Many fans’ reactions to Webb’s confession about Bush-Harris’ alleged financial problems were split. Some felt Webb hit below the belt by talking about her co-star’s alleged finances and doing so behind her back.

“Quad was wrong for telling Toya’s business. That other one was double wrong for showing the video.”

“I don’t like Toya that much but this scene is exactly why I don’t like Heavenly or Quad! Are they any better? Sitting up there gossiping and talking s*** about people behind their back’s just like she was doing but want to call her out. 🙄🙄 ugh.”

“How y’all mad at quad for defending herself , when they was on live going in on her … y’all weird!”

One wrote although they didn’t like Webb they believed what she was saying because the couple put their dream home on the market. “I don’t care for Quad but I believe everything she is saying. And I find it strange that this is supposed to be their forever home and now it’s on the market it makes no sense.”

The Harrises dream home supposedly was listed on the market in November for $3.525 million, Urban Belle reported last fall. Although Bush-Harris stayed mum regarding the situation, the “M2M” veteran hinted at confirming the news by liking a fan’s comment on a throwback post which talked about upgrading. 


The couple moved into that home in 2019. 

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