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‘Don’t Do This Again’: ‘M2M’ Fans Rejoice Over Simone Whitmore and Jackie Walters’ Reunion

Dr. Simone Whitmore and Dr. Jackie Walters rekindled their extinguished friendship during the April 11 episode of “Married to Medicine.” Whitmore made the initial move by calling Walters to talk following the crystal mediation — all the “M2M” ladies attended a session to relieve the tension within the group by talking about their unresolved issues — organized by Dr. Contessa Metcalfe. Upon arriving, the women spoke about Whitmore’s youngest son going off to college before getting to the root of their fractured relationship. 

In the conversation, both ladies addressed where their friendship went awry. Walters expressed that Whitmore didn’t defend her Buffie Purselle’s “infertile” incident where she released personal information about Purselle’s infertility struggles during her book event. Whitmore added that Walters’ newfound friendship with Dr. Heavenly Kimes and OB-GYN’s middleman stance during their feud caused the rift. At the time, Kimes claimed on Twitter that Whitmore’s marital woes with husband Cecil were because of his lack of employment. 

Dr. Jackie Walters (left) and Dr. Simone Whitmore (right). (Photos: @therealdrjackie/Instagram, @drsswhit/Instagram)

Following the revelations, the women ultimately apologized for their roles in both situations. Whitmore explained how she didn’t want to “rehash” the past incidents but instead preferred to salvage what they have. She said while mentioning Kimes involvement in the reunion, “I don’t want to do a bunch of rehashing, because it’s irrelevant, and I’m here today because Heavenly was pushing me to call you. She pushed you to call me because I didn’t know if you even felt like we had something that is repairable.”

Walters responded by saying how their friendship was irreplaceable because Whitmore stood by her during her darkest moment. The OB-GYN was initially diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer in 2004, and she described how Whitmore’s humor helped her get through her tough days. 

Walters said, “Simone, we went through breast cancer together. I thought that I might not make it and to have you there — I never said how scared I was because I’m not gonna show it — but I was scared out of my wits, but you would make me laugh. It was the only reason I could go back every Wednesday to get that stuff done because I knew who was coming.”

She added, “Anytime there is something that can take your life away, you would always want to know you have people who support you. Simone was that girl that would come in and make sure I was OK at work and had put the word out at the hospital if I needed her, so, again, it’s not the kind of person you can replace.”

Many fans cheered over the long-awaited reunion between the two women. 

“I love that Dr Jackie and Simone are friends again. #Married2Med.”

“I’m here for the Jackie and Simone friendship reunion #Married2Med.”

“My girls made up. I am so happy to see true friendship in the world. Don’t do this again. Hallelujah! God is good! @DrSSWhitmore@DrJackieWalters#Married2Med.”

“Thank God this friendship is fixed.”

Last month, Whitmore opened up about her strained friendship with Walters as she and Dr. Heavenly Kimes made amends following their ongoing feud. The mother of two revealed her friendship with Walters was at an all-time low. “My relationship with Jackie is at rock bottom. I have nothing to lose by being honest. Absolutely zero to lose by being honest with her.”

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